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How to Improve local SEO Ranking in Google

local SEO Ranking in Google

In this post I will help you to step by step guide, How to Improve local SEO Ranking in Google. Good positioning is essential to gain visibility on the Internet. This is well known by online stores and service companies through the Internet. But is positioning important for a local business? Of course. Good positioning is essential to gain visibility on the Internet.

Local SEO strategies are used to increase visibility on the Internet according to the geographical location of the users who perform the searches. That is, with local SEO your website will be shown to potential customers who are in your area of ​​influence.

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Is local SEO useful for my business?

Imagine you have an Italian restaurant in Pamplona. When someone from Pamplona searches for Italian restaurants, the closest ones to their location are automatically displayed. And yours will appear among the first if it is well-positioned.

Local SEO is key for all companies with physical premises or that provide their services in a certain area. For example, a dog trainer who serves clients within a 100 km radius should do local SEO to improve his positioning at the provincial level, by counties or by autonomous communities.

The local SEO strategy is complemented with SEO optimization to gain visibility on the Internet globally. But the positioning at the local level should be higher when your customers come from your close environment.

The competition between local businesses, and between them and online stores, has reached dimensions never seen before. Traditional advertising has given much of its power to other ways of reaching the target customer. For this reason, it is so important to make yourself known to users who are looking for products or services like yours.

How does local SEO work?

The ultimate purpose of any SEO strategy is to increase sales, so you should see it as a means to achieve your goals in business figures. Improving visibility on the Internet locally puts your company in an advantageous position compared to your competitors.

Whenever we talk about positioning, we refer, sooner or later, to Google.

Google shows the most relevant results for users. And  Google Maps does the same but using Geo location. Hence, the importance of having a good local positioning strategy.

How to appear in the first local results?

There are many techniques to improve the local positioning of your business. Today we are going to show you the four essential tricks to improve the local SEO of your company, the ones that can never be missing.

1. Local SEO and NAP go hand in hand

NAP is the acronym in English to refer to company data (Name, Address, Phone). It is the first point that you must take into account to improve local SEO.

Every time you register your local business website in a directory or create a profile,  you must indicate this data WITHOUT VARIATIONS. The information must always be the same, without changing a single comma.

Google tracks this information on your website, in directories, and on relevant industry pages. If you change the way you enter contact information, even if it is only case sensitive, you will confuse Google (in fact, it is not infallible). Therefore, you have to make your job easier.

2. Google + and Google My Business cannot be missing

Google offers many tools to improve local positioning in the search engine, so you should take advantage of them.

Google+  is Google’s social network, so having a profile for SEO is key. From your profile, you must add a page for your local business in  Google My Business, which is where the files and the location of local businesses are managed.

When you complete the details of your business remember what we have said about the NAP and add:

Links to social networks where you are present

  • Your verified website
  • Logo
  • Company photos
  • The sector that best describes your activity

An additional benefit of Google+ is that customers can share their opinion, thereby improving their local SEO Ranking in Google.

3. Local and national directories

Locate the most relevant directories for your sector at the local, regional, and national levels. Choose those that are relevant to Google, such as  Vulkan,  Hotfrog,  QDQ, or  Yellow Pages and sign up.

When you register your company, don’t forget to include the NAP data without changes. The information of your business on the Internet must be consistent to guide Google and achieve greater web visibility.

4. Social networks, essential

It is not about being around but social networks play an increasingly important role in local SEO. Optimize profiles and interact to gain followers, opinions, and reputation. The better your content ranks, the better for SEO. Follow these Above step to increase local SEO Ranking in Google.

In each social profile, you must add links to the other profiles and to your website. Choose the social networks that best suit your type of business but don’t forget one:  Foursquare. Foursquare is essential for local positioning.

These four tricks will help you improve the local SEO of your business. You just have to follow our advice: offer consistent and relevant information, interact, and choose the most relevant sites for your sector. What other tricks do you know to position a local business? Leave us your comments.


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