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This is what you can keep in mind before getting your house painted


Painting the interiors of your house is often fun but can get exhausting if the basics of the skill are not taken into consideration. However, on several occasions, and this is particularly prevalent among young adults, people would like to paint their houses by themselves.

Exploring their creative side while incorporating their personal beliefs and values onto the walls would be a great DIY project. Many creative individuals come up with a myriad of unorthodox and trendy painting ideas that they might like to experiment with.

Sometimes, if there is a small desire for change or an update from the way the room has been looking, painting is the easiest way to achieve that. A simple breath of fresh paint and new ideas is enough to create a huge effect and eventual transformation of the room and the home.

As we learn more, we are also aware of the newer designs that would help accentuate certain parts of the room; we learn about the lighting and color scheme and some stones from Aalia Stones that would brighten up the walls and make us look good and click pictures worthy of Instagram!

However, here are a few things we can keep in mind before engaging in this project of painting the rooms whether it is by ourselves or under the guidance and expertise of a company:

  • Color Scheme – A good starting point would be to identify the color scheme that you prefer to redecorate the rooms with. Taking a good look at the paint charts and understanding the varieties of combinations and designs that would look good would be vital. If the whole house is being refurbished, consider how well the colors in different rooms would complement each other while making your choice. A wall putty, at the same time, would be equally important. This is an underrated step as it enhances the durability of the paints while making them look better.
  • Light – The natural light entering the room and the lights that have been installed play a huge role in determining the overall look of the room. Light and paler shades will look good in rooms that have big windows or balconies.
  • Color testing – There is a reason why reliable paint companies and contractors offer testers before choosing the final color for the room. Make sure to test the decided color in natural and artificial light before finalizing it. A good way to do this would be to paint on an A4 sheet and stick it to the wall thus minimizing coats on the wall and avoiding mixing of colors.
  • Consider the ceiling – We talk about the ‘four walls’ but often forget the fifth one which is the ceiling. That is also one of the important factors to consider and can play a key role in providing a contrasting look to the room. A different shade would particularly look good if the ceiling is highlighted with a chandelier or ornaments. You can also look into false ceilings and similar effects.
  • Mix & Match- A fresh pop of color will definitely add to the looks of the room, a great way to enhance is to mix and match different paint combinations than to keep a  monotone. You can try jazzy stripes to get a dramatic look or abstract geometric shapes in an array or divide the wall for color experiment. Practically the options are endless when it comes to painting your walls and hitting a refresh.
  • Adopt simpler patterns-Another great way of giving a fresh look to your rooms is  trying to add simpler patterns with a backdrop color. Example paint a royal blue and allow it to dry then take a sponge to dab white cloudy patterns. These sorts of abstract ideas can be as creative as possible and of course there is the internet to borrow ideas too.
  • Add a dose of ethnicity to your walls- if you are someone who wants to get an aesthetic look or a grand courtyard feel of a countryside home right in your urban nest then try simpler temple patterns to run along on the wall example a line of elephants, traditional paisleys, customary festoon designs etc. They give a natural fluidity to the space.

Go all out while deciding the paints for your house and take help from the experts. Focus on the details and witness your dream come true.

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