If finding a new job is one of your new year’s resolutions, there is no better time to get a new job than in January. You may have encountered a non-fruitful job search at the end of the last year, partly because of the covid-19 pandemic that characterized the better part of it, but this January 2021 presents a different story. Others say that January is the perfect time to kickstart a new career. Check out the reasons why January is the best time to find work in the UK.

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Companies have rolled out new budgets.

January and February make a good time to apply for job opportunities because companies have rolled out new budgets for the year. Typically, the human resource department has received a new hiring budget and is ready to resume the backlog of hiring they had suspended due to the holiday seasons or lack of enough funds. Also, some employees who intended to start new careers or ventures in the new year have left the company leaving vacancies that need candidates to fill them.

New yearly goals

During the beginning of the year, companies set new year resolutions and goals, one of them being hiring new and top talent. The hiring managers return to their desks after long-day meetings to identify top talent among different job seekers. Moreover, employers feel more motivated and focused on finding out what talent they can employ to improve their businesses. This means there is a greater probability of your well-crafted CV impressing one of the hiring companies.

Since January is the month of opportunities, it means that there is stiff competition among job seekers, and you need to be at the top of your game to get that job you want. Employers have a vast pool of CVS to choose from; therefore, it also makes it a challenging month to beat the competition. You can do some things to ensure you take advantage of this January’s increased hiring activities.

Standout among the job seekers

Since you need to stand out as a candidate, you need to put in extra effort for the recruiting officer to recognize your talent. Instead of relying on applications alone, try to find other ways to seek connections to your target company. Do not hesitate to seek out second-degree connections if you can’t find direct links. Also, ensure your CV is error-free and impressively articulate your talent and skills. Also, write short and precise job inquiry emails that stand out from the rest in the hiring manager’s inbox.

Pay attention to the company’s driving need to hire

In January, most companies are always looking for new employees to drive the company forward innovatively, address the consumers’ changing needs, or drive new products. Paying attention to why a company is hiring helps you prepare adequately for the interview and any new role.

Update your social platforms

Although your resume is the first thing that meets your interviewing panel, it is necessary to update your social channels as they may be interested in that side of you. Ensure your work experience is up to date, list your relevant skills, and make your profile photo professional. It is an added advantage.

The bottom line

Since January is the busiest hiring month of the year, gear up to seek that new job opportunity and stay patient to advance your goals as the year progresses.


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