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Top 4 IELTS Exam Preparation Classes – IELTS Courses Online

IELTS exam preparation

Studying in a foreign university is a cherished dream of every student. IELTS was established in the year 1989. It is an English proficiency test that students must take to secure a spot in a foreign country or a top university.

IELTS is a much-anticipated exam, and millions of students think about IELTS exam preparation all year long. If you are thinking of settling in a different country or applying to a foreign university, we suggest you sit for the IELTS exam

While some students prepare for the exam at home, others take coaching from different institutes and online platforms. For many months, the pandemic stopped students from venturing to different institutes. But there are many exams, prep classes and courses online. 

There are two types of IELTS exams – general and academic. For permanent residence and employment, IELTS General is required. The academic IELTS exam is for admission to foreign universities.   

What is your pick? Everyone has a different goal. Regardless of what the goal is, we have prepared a list for you. 

The following are the top IELTS exam preparation classes and courses that we reviewed. Consider these options if you want to pass the IELTS exam.

List of the Best IELTS Exam Prep Classes 

1. Udemy 

On Udemy, students can find two tests (full-length practice tests), downloadable resources, on-demand videos, and access to IELTS material. There are also courses for general and academic IELTS.

The exam preparation strategy is impressive. Although Udemy is overpriced in the opinion of many students, it has become a brand in itself.

2. Evopry 

Evopry is one of the best online tutoring platforms for students. If you want to get online tutoring for IELTS, you will find a qualified professional here. 

Before hiring any tutor, you can check the demo class. There are thousands of tutor profiles online if you don’t know who to choose. Evopry offers a wide variety of tutor profiles.   

Moreover, the platform houses tutors for 75+ subjects and 100+ languages. It is a safe platform for students and the expert teachers will prepare you for the IELTS exam.   Your test might be taken before the main exam. Your confidence will increase and you will be able to pass the English Proficiency test.   

One-on-one classes allow you to clear doubts and get informative content from the tutor. We love the fact that Evopry offers 24/7 support. Live chat feature is the most useful. 

3. Magoosh 

You can watch in-depth videos on different topics on Magoosh. There are more than 650 tests to try, and they also offer email support (in case it’s needed). 

It is an affordable prep class for most students. But it does not have the feature of speaking to teachers to clear doubts. Email support is satisfactory, but sometimes students need instant response or one-on-one conversations.

4. British Council 

British Council does not offer coaching, but they let you know about what you must study. Students can take a free course created by the creators of the exam.

The free course is not as comprehensive as the one at Magoosh, Evopry, or Udemy, but you get to know about the intricacies of the test. 

Students need 12 hours in a week to study this free course. 

Which one should you choose? 

All the options are good, but we believe that one-on-one coaching is far superior. You are able to ask your doubts and the tutor knows your strengths and weaknesses. They can push to practice and take as many tests before sitting for the main exam. 

Thus, we would recommend Evopry. It is a supremely efficient tutoring platform where you can get in touch with thousands of qualified IELTS exam preparation tutors. The cost is student-friendly and the classes take place on Skype. Choose wisely as your future depends on your IELTS score. 

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