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How To Travel For A Living – The Best Guide

How To Travel For A Living

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How To Travel For A Living – Traveling for a living is several people’s idea of a dream existence. But how can you go about producing that dream a reality? There are numerous jobs that allow you to do some going, but here are a few options this, if you are lucky and tricky working, could enable you to exist on the road, traveling from place to place, assembly new people and finding and doing exciting completely new things:

Travel Writer

Naturally, making a living as a writer will never be easy. But with hard work as well as a bit of savvy, it is possible. Most people write about travel from our homes in between our ventures but the lucky few include managed to wrangle a lifetime for themselves where they can manage to support a life of constant take a trip. Look into all options, online and off, and always then come and open to new prospects. You never know what doors your personal writing could open in your case.


How To Travel For A Living – Another option is to be a part of the crusade to save mother nature. You could start by volunteering (in return for food and board) with WWOOF (World Vast Opportunities on Organic Farms) or POOSH, which fit volunteers with ecologically friendly in addition to sustainable self-build house plans. Other options include applying to improve a Greenpeace ship, as well as with another environmental organization.

Charity/Aid Worker

If you want to guide others while you travel the planet then perhaps you could connect with work with a charity or support organization, which will sometimes permit you to travel to some remote and also interesting regions and do plenty of good while you are there.


How To Travel For A Living – You could get a teaching degree and work contracts educating English in various countries around the world, or perhaps if you are lucky you may get a gig working with any traveling family, teaching youngsters while they go round the planet on a yacht or on long road trips.

Nanny/ Au-Pair

Likewise, wealthy traveling family members may need a nanny/au-pair to maintain their children throughout their journeys. Or you could take short-term personal contracts and travel around the globe from post to post. You need to like children though and stay good with them, as with this choice you will be spending a lot of time together with young people.


How To Travel For A Living – If you are fortunate to have the musical skills and therefore are able to play an instrument properly, it can open many entrances around the world. (Obviously a violin or double bass will not travel well but something such as a guitar would be excellent. ) Busking and gigging worldwide some people have was able to make enough to travel forever. Perhaps you could join all their number?

Traditional Vagabond

How To Travel For A Living – Naturally, many people who travel consistently are working in a tradition going way: moving for employment to job, soft berries picking in the summer, say, in addition to bringing in harvests in the fall, doing odd jobs, regular labor, or whatever they will find before moving on. Diversifying and being prepared to do everything could be the best way for most people to have a living as they travel.

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