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How to Make Your Dentist More Appealing


If you own a dentist, you understand the importance of creating an appealing and inviting environment. While most people will never truly enjoy their trip to the dentist, a more comfortable experience will increase the chances of a patient coming back. Plus, not only does it ensure repeat patients and positive word of mouth, but it also helps your patients to relax during their treatment. All in all, it helps boost the dental business all around, so to achieve the important task of an appealing dental practice, read on.

Create Inviting Interior

An inviting interior consists of good use of color, attractive lighting, and clean space. Pay particular attention to the latter – no one wants to be in an untidy, damaged, grimy environment when they’re receiving dental treatment, after all! Consider using wall corner guards on your interior walls so that they don’t end up with scuff marks from the multiple people coming and going. It’s the little details like this that make a huge difference overall.

Hire Friendly Receptionists

The reception provides the first impression of the dental practice, which is why it’s so important to hire friendly staff to work there. A great attitude and experience in customer service are a must so that every patient that walks through the door feels listened to and respected. Remember – first impressions are lasting impressions!

Train Up Your Dental Staff

The better trained your staff are, the better the service they will give, so provide plenty of training opportunities. As well as improving the talent in the practice, it will also improve your team’s overall mood, as working toward a goal is always satisfying. Plus, it’s always better to build a team of loyal, reliable staff than have a high turnover rate.

Consider the Outside

The dental practice exterior is also important, so don’t ignore it. While many patients will find you online, you also need to ensure you appeal to the people who pass by the practice. Consider washing the front from time to time, and hang a sign that is both visible and inviting. Some plants will go a long way!

Build an Online Presence

People find most businesses online these days, so there is no excuse for not having at least some kind of online presence. A brilliant website, an email list, and active social media accounts are all helpful. Even if you are not exactly social media savvy, you can always hire someone to run your social media platforms or use apps that allow you to schedule posts. That way, you can focus on your dentistry while keeping up an online presence.

Be Attentive to Each Patient

Most importantly, you must focus on providing your patients with the best care possible by being attentive and listening to every one of their concerns.  If your patients feel listened to and respected, they are far more likely to use your dental services again.

By working on creating an appealing dentist, you will find far more patients at the practice door.


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