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How Luggage Storage Can Help You Make the Most out of Layovers

How Luggage Storage Can Help You Make the Most out of Layovers

Did you know traveling can make you happier and more mentally resilient? If you want to learn about what to do when you have a long layover, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over why you should consider luggage storage during your layover.

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Where Is the Airport Located?

Most airports are a fair distance away from the city. You’ll need to calculate how long it will take you to arrive in the city and return to the airport.

How long could it take you to get back to the airport? You’ll need an hour or two before the next flight takes off.

Make sure you’re back at the airport two hours before your second flight leaves. You’ll need an extra 30 minutes to get off the first flight and through the airport, depending on the crowds.

Is it an international layover? You will spend time in customs and passport control. There could be a long wait period if it’s a busier travel day.

Consider these factors before you decide to leave the airport. You don’t want to get stuck and end up missing your flight.

Do You Need a Visa?

International layovers are exciting because you get a chance at touring a new country.

First, you’ll want to find out the visa rules. If you exit the airport, you will be officially entering a new country.

Decide if it’s worth the paperwork and cost if you end up needing a visa.
Many nationalities will need to apply for a visa. Sometimes, there’s a big fee and a lengthy application.

If you have plenty of time, consider what you would like to see or do during your layover.

What Are Your Goals for the Layover?

If you have an upcoming layover, consider writing down some goals.

Research what’s near the airport and pick one thing you’d like to do during the layover. Is there an ancient ruin you’ve always wanted to see or a museum?

See what will fit with your time frame. Is there something at the top of your bucket list?

You might feel tired during your layover, so make sure you don’t overschedule yourself. Estimate how much time you’ll need for your wish list items.

Give yourself plenty of wiggle room to get back to the airport.

Explore the City

If you have the time, take the chance to explore the city. You might get surprised by what you discover during your layover visit.

Factor in transit times and custom lines to the city when you plan the layover.

Do you have a big suitcase? Consider storing your luggage at the airport or a nearby train station. This way, you don’t have to worry about your luggage.

If you’re in New York, check out Radical Storage Network.

Have a Spa Day

Now that you have your storage put in a safe spot consider going to get a massage. Some airports have spa facilities or express spas.

You can get a beauty treatment or massage for 15 minutes. You will feel energized and refreshed.

Go on a Tour

Some bigger airports will offer an organized tour of the area. You can leave directly from the airport. Research and book your tour before you land.

You’ll have to go through customs and security. But the tour will save you time spent on the public transportation systems.

Get Refreshed

During your layover, see if there’s a free or low-cost shower facility at the airport. You will feel refreshed after a hot shower. Go to the help desk or airport gym to find out where the showers are.

Airport shower facilities tend to offer towels and toiletry kits for a low cost if you don’t have your own.

A lot of airport lounges also have showers. Buy a day pass to the lounge so you can have a hot shower and relax.

When you store your luggage, you won’t have to worry about lugging it around all day. Pick it up after you have spent time in the shower facility and freshened up.

Eat Local Food

If your layover isn’t long enough to take a city tour, you can still immerse yourself in the local culture. Local cuisine is one of the most direct ways to experience a culture different from your own.

Check out the local cuisine inside the airport if you don’t have a ton of time.

Use your long layover to treat yourself to the food you wouldn’t usually try at home.

Don’t Forget About the Local Currency

With your long layover, you’ll want to figure out how much local currency you’ll need for the trip. If you have a layover in Dublin, but the final destination is London, you’ll need euros for your layover.

Your bank at home should be able to exchange the money for you. You could also find an ATM at the airport. Ensure you know how much things will cost, so you don’t take out too much money or too little.

You can use a credit card, but make sure you contact your credit card company or bank before traveling. You’ll still want to bring some cash.

Now You Know About the Benefits of Luggage Storage

We hope this guide on luggage storage was helpful. Store your luggage. This way, you can go out and explore the city during your long layover.

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