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How a VPN helps to improve your travel lifestyle


Are you the person who always loves to travel and get connected to everywhere you go? Most of us do love travel and online at the same time to share our live moments on social media with friends and families. Likewise, internet connection is very important to the traveller because it is the only tool that allows them to get connected with the world. When talking about the internet, travellers always like to find the nearest café or shopping mall for the free public WIFI connection. In fact, some of them even hoping for WIFI connection on the walking street. It is not surprising that many of us aren’t aware of the importance of privacy. In today’s guide, we will be sharing with you how a virtual private network (VPN) can improve your travel lifestyle.

But first, you need to understand what a VPN is and how does it work. VPN is an application that can be added onto your mobile phone, tablet, or PC devices to increase security. In the market, there are free VPN and paid VPN. These two types may have different functionality depending on the VPN client providers. The VPN creates an extra layer of an encrypted tunnel that helps to transmit all your internet traffic, to ensure all your personal information stay private online. On the other hand, it added an additional level of security to your online connection. Of course, there are many reasons to use a VPN overseas such as:

1. To hide your IP address and location

Do you know that just a simple IP address detected can reveal your personal details, location and even online activity? It is somehow dangerous because you are exposing your privacy to the public and your data might sell to anyone or third-party companies. This often happen when we are connecting our device to a free public WIFI network whereby the connection is not encrypted. While using a VPN, it can immediately turn your IP address into a random address and keeping you anonymous.

2. Access blocked websites and apps

Some of the websites and apps are blocked in certain countries due to its government rule and regulation. Especially on news websites, social media apps, torrent sites, and online streaming, games, and comics. VPN has its ability to bypass geographical restriction through the selection of servers in an encrypted format. This process allows you to access restricted content within or outside the country region.

3. Safer online data transfer

As far as you are connected to the internet, you can any online data transfer such as emailing, Facebook, or WhatsApp messaging. It also includes the photos and videos taken from your phone and uploading to cloud storage as a backup. Travellers often do that because phone memory does have limited space. However, the dangerous part is during the transferring process because there might be a data leak if your ISP got cyberattack. Therefore, VPN kicks in to act as an extra security layer to prevent this incident from happening. With a VPN, it’s much more difficult for someone to hack in and access them.

4. To ease your language barrier

Interesting isn’t? VPN can help you to ease your language barrier during your overseas trip. How does this happen? Basically, VPN allows you to bypass location via selecting the VPN server. So, let say if you are travelling in Japan, most likely when you open up your web browser, it will show you in the Japanese language instead of English because the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is detected in the Japan region. Hence, by turning on the VPN and select an “English” country server such as the USA or UK, your language will automatically be changed to English, and this is why it helps you to ease your language barrier.

5. Secure financial transactions

VPN helps to encrypts all your online data including the credit card details store on your mobile phone. With VPN, you can pay through your phone “tap and go” whenever you want. Alternatively, you can also safely use it to check your current or saving bank account while overseas. This is to help you to prevent from overspent during your trip. As far as your concern, all the transactions and personal information you made are fully encrypted. Do remember that personal data is more valuable than your money. Once lost, no return. Therefore, start protecting your privacy wherever you visit today! Stay safe, stay smart at all time.


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