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How A Mompreneur Sets Up A Workplace At Home?


Your business needs a workplace if you are a mompreneur. You require a proper space to set up your business things, a place to keep your planner, ideas and everything else. 

Being a mompreneur is all about juggling between work and kids. When you are working from home while also taking care of your kids, you require having a place where you can easily balance your work and your children simultaneously. 

Let’s try to make your home office more functional for you.

Workplace Set Up at Home:

1. Opt For A Laptop

Regardless of your work profile, you will always require a laptop or a desktop. We would recommend you to have a laptop over a desktop:

  • Portable – you can work in the bedroom, dining room table or even in your kids’ room. 
  • Smaller footprint. It can be easily used on a small surface, so you don’t need a lot of space to set it up and work. On the other hand, the desktop is huge.
  • You can run wirelessly.

2. Prepare The Space For Kids

It is like co-working space with your kids. Choose your main work area and then decide how you can make it a co-working space where you and your kids can peacefully coexist. Because your workspace requires to be safe for your kids as well, be prepared. 

Set up some toys on the table. Keep some blankets nearby, so your kids can create their bed on the floor, or pull around them on when sleepy. Make sure your workplace is equally comfortable for kids.

3. Declutter Frequently

Spend a couple of minutes each week in decluttering your workspace. It’ll make it more pleasant to use. By taking time regularly to declutter the place, you make sure it always looks pleasant and never gets too boring. A well-organized workplace will boost your thoughts and uplift your child’s mood.

4. Use Your Space

Even if your workplace is your living room you still can keep on switching the place, what matters the most is your comfort. Also, make sure you can easily keep an eye on your kids. If you want to keep a Laughing Buddha, then you should know How to Place Laughing Buddha?

Whichever place you choose to set up your workplace, utilize the desk as “your space.” Use your space. Put your things away from your child’s reach.

5. Teach Your Kids To Respect Your Workspace

You must teach your kids to respect your workplace at home.

This takes time and patience.

I start this when your kid is in the toddler stage, by firmly saying “no” if they try to take something away from your desk. Distract them a toy or something.

If your child is old enough to understand, then say, “Don’t touch, that’s for Mommy’s work.” Your kids will eventually learn that you don’t want them to use your stuff in your workplace.

We hope these tips will help you set a workplace at home. It would be challenging for you to balance work and kids at home. But, all you need is to keep your mompreneur spirits high.

Happy working while parenting!

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