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Helping Your Movers on Moving Day


Regardless of your profession, your work will mostly encompass interacting with other people. Whether it is your providers, customers, or colleague, there are several things you might wish they knew to make the interaction more productive and smooth.

The same case happens when hiring a mover. Moving encompasses a lot of preparation. From planning your move to boxing your things up, it is simple to forget to plan things for the move. To help your moves during the moving day, here are things you can do:

Label Boxes

When packing your things, ensure you label boxes according to their destination in the new home so that movers may determine where to put them.

If any of the boxes have breakable things, be sure to label them as ‘fragile.’ This will help your moves load them on their trucks properly.

It will also be wise to designate the boxes, which should be unpacked, like your kids’ toys or pet supplies.

Figure out Parking Situations

When relocating to a new place, ensure you check with the right individual beforehand. If you want to relocate to an apartment in a city, your new residence probably has a designated loading and parking spot for moving trucks.

If the place has a shared driveway or HOA, look at the rules about where and when movers may unload and park trucks. You might also want to check the parking rules in the state or city you are relocating to. Otherwise, your mover can end up with parking penalties or even towed.

Pack Valuable and Small Things in Your Vehicle

Although every professional moving company takes precautions to make sure things are safe and undamaged, at times, things may go out of hand. For such things, it will not be worth the risks.

For your mind to be at peace, ensure you pack valuable and small things, such as smaller electronics, jewelry, and artwork in your car. With this, your mover will concentrate on the heavy lifting.

Clear the Way

Ensure your mover have access to everything they require in your elevators, home, doors, and parking lots. Accessibility is important to have a smooth and quick moving process and avoid any inconvenience to your neighbors.

Prepare every entryway and walkway by ensuring that they are clear and clean. Eliminate all safety hazards, such as front door mats and water/food bowls you forgot in the morning.

Unplug Appliances and Get Things off the Wall

Although your mover will still be comfortable getting down on their knees and spend hours disconnecting lamps or appliances, this is something you would not want to pay for.

Apart from disconnecting appliances, you should also get things off the walls, including pictures, mirrors, paintings, and clocks.

In a Nutshell!

There are a few ways to make sure the day of your move is hassle-free and successful. Like your wedding day, it is understandable to be nervous completely.

Moving from one home to another is a great deal and requires you to prepare well beforehand. However, as much as you get prepared, moving day is always busy because there are some things you must do on the day of the move, like clearing the way, unplugging appliances, and packing smaller things in the car.


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