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The Complete Checklist: How to Get Google News Site Approval

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What Is Google News

Google News is a great news source. Articles published on the news site are available in many languages. It is a great platform for Publishers and Readers The reader can access millions of news items, while the Publisher can get millions of organic traffic to their site. This site has thousands of visitors every day who read the articles. Advertisers try to get approval via the digital.

Many people are unaware that their website does not have to be built by Google. You can build your blog on any CMC platform like Blogger or WordPress. If you want your site to be featured in it then your website must first be approved by Google News Publisher approval.

How the Google News index works

It is not a news publication. Instead, It aggregates news from multiple sources using algorithms that determine which news stories to show users based upon their interests, location, prominence, and freshness.

Google staff does very little manual curation. Staff may, however, occasionally engage in curation for major international news events and/or a topic that is gaining popularity in popular culture such as an awards show.

Since 2018, Google has been focusing more on displaying authoritative results over the latest or most relevant during a crisis or breaking news situation. Google works with publishers to organize data and embed high-quality signals in order to provide reliable news results.

You can see that it results (on right) display differently to regular Google search results. Multimedia results will be returned if you search for “lunar Eclipse”. However, a News search will only show news stories.

Keep these things in mind before submitting

It is crucial to pay attention to the following things when submitting your blog. This will allow you to get Google News approval quickly. You will be disapproved by Google News if you don’t pay attention.

There are some important points to consider before submitting a site

  • It is essential to have a domain of high quality
  • Hosting must be of high quality.
  • Site design should be appealing.
  • Personal content should be included on your site.
  • It is essential to have SEO-friendly websites.
  • Google Adsense approval is required for your website.
  • Be active on your website and write at least three posts per day.
  • Grammar mistakes are red flags
  • Your piece should not exceed 700 words.
  • Include videos and photos on your website.

These are the key elements to consider when you submit your website. Driftclick Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur can help you if you have any questions. This will make your website available in Google News.

Many people are unsure if the Hindi blog has Google News Publisher approval. I can assure you that approval is possible if you follow the guidelines and Google News Publisher Policy.

How do I submit my website to Google News?

It accepts your site easily. All you have to do is follow the guidelines. To receive approval from Google News Publisher for your site.

Step #01: – You have to visit Google News Publisher Center To submit your article, first you have to go to the Google News Publisher Center, whose link is: http://publishercenter.Google.com/.

Step #2: Sign in to Publisher Center using your email ID.

To sign off your website in Google News Publisher, click the Google Publisher Center hyperlink. You will need to log in with your email address. Remember that you must log in using the same email address you approved Google Search Console or Google Adsense.

Step 3: Click Add Publication. After clicking Add Publication you will see a popup asking you to enter the URL for the blog you want to be featured in it.

Step 4: Fill in some basic information

  • Write the title of your blog in the Publication name.
  • You can then write about the blog’s description in your post.
  • Once you’ve done that, choose the correct definition for your website name in the category.
  • Next, select the language you want to use for your website in the first language.
  • To ensure your blog is translated into other languages, click Allow Automatic.
  • Next, verify your blog’s website using Google Search Console in Website Properties.
  • Next, select Distribution from the drop-down menu. Select Allow All Properties in Country and Google Properties.
  • Sign up for Tracking and enter your Google Analytics Tracking Id.

Step #5 – Fill in Section, Content Label, and Verify URL Ownership

  • Click on Visibility and choose Content.
  • After clicking the New Section button you can choose Feed, Web location video and a Customized feed.
  • Then, you will need to select labels by entering the address of your news site under Content Label.
  • Next, confirm that your blog or site is verified as URL Owner.

Step 6: – Replace the image with the Square logo or Wide logo. Submit your Square and Wide logos in the image option. Please follow the Google Image guidelines.

Step #7: After that, confirm your Google Adsense Publisher ID in Ads

  • After this, you will need to confirm the news via the email that you received from Google Adsense.
  • In the Ads section, select the Google Adsense Publisher ID.

Step #8 – Join other Access groups with the option to Advance

  • Access to Google News can be granted to another person by accessing the Advanced Options Access group.
  • In this instance, you will need to enter the name of your group as well as the email ID for the user.

Step 9: Click Review and publish to submit your information Next, examine your data carefully at the end and submit your information.

Step #10 – Once you submit it, approval will be granted in between 15 and 2 months.

Google News Approval: Benefits

Brand Value

Google News-approved sites will help you promote your news channel to the world. Select a topic and submit it to it. This site will then be used for publishing news articles. Your site should only contain news-focused content. Google is one of the most trusted news search engines. You can help your brand by regularly updating your website with news.

Instant traffic

Related news is quickly indexable and you will see immediate traffic to your site. Google will rank your website’s news based on its quality and the value of your website in its search. You then start receiving visitors immediately to your site.

Your website can benefit greatly from the best news and research-based content. To make a great profit, give your website a good reputation and start publishing high-quality news on your website.

Increased organic traffic

Google gives your site a higher authority rating, which increases your chances of appearing on the first page. This will increase organic traffic to your site. To maximize your website’s potential, make sure you post quality content.

It can help you promote your website if your website has been included.

Increased Authority

Google information lists not only increase traffic to your site but also establish you and your brand as a trusted brand. People instantly recognize authenticity and trust when you mention Google.

This will give you an advantage over the competitor, especially if clients feel you have an authentic logo that is accurate to your target market’s requirements.


These top tips will help you get on a Google News-approved site. Publisher Center made it easier to approve news sites of small sizes. To be approved as a Google News-approved site, you must follow all the rules.

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