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Five Theme Park Operators Who Celebrate Sustainability

UK theme park

When someone mentions the word theme parks, we usually think of places that transport us from reality to a fantasy world. But no one ever associates it with terms like ‘carbon footprint’ whatsoever. We’re all guilty of this – never having associated fun with sustainability. This needs to change with time, especially when everyone around us is scrambling to save the planet. UK theme park.

In recent times, we have come across many instances wherein theme park operators attempted to make their rides more eco-friendly. Sustainable initiatives like installing LED lighting, investing in renewable energy, and rainwater harvesting have been used by many to spread the message and save the earth

This why theme park operators are keeping up with the times. The massive UK theme park currently undergoing a planning examination has famously committed to a Net Zero emissions goal. They’re not the only ones taking the necessary steps towards sustainability. Let us take a look at the various theme parks that have done their bit to save the environment.


This theme park in France is one of a kind and that is not just because of the fairies it uses to guide visitors. Surprisingly, its entire 123-acre area is committed to climate change!

The park focuses on a unique ‘edutainment’ fun tour that discusses issues such as sustainability with children as well as adults. It focuses on teaching ancient practices that allow humans to live harmoniously with nature.

Once you enter the park, you are transported to a world full of magic, with elves around every corner, brimming with knowledge and wisdom.  It is a must-add to your bucket list since the entire experience leaves you happy and helps you connect with nature in a better manner.

Siam Park

There is only one thing that people love more than amusement parks – water parks! Siam Park is a great alternative for all the people concerned about an incoming water shortage crisis.

Considered the world’s first all-green water park, it has everything from awesome aquatic rides to an array of impressive sustainability techniques. With a massive natural gas plant, it aims to contribute to energy production.

The park also has an off-site photovoltaic power plant to promote the use of renewable energy. Moreover, visitors can enjoy rides that use desalinated water instead of freshwater that reduces water wastage. With the number of responsible measures Siam Park takes to save our environment, it is definitely worth the visit.

Universal Parks and Resorts

Universal Parks and Resorts have certainly made a name for themselves by taking steps towards sustainability and climate change. The theme park operator has committed to making its establishments eco-friendly by focusing on energy, water, and waste management.

The parks use LED lighting fixtures and end up saving millions of kilowatt-hours annually. An on-site composter and anaerobic digester are also in use to convert waste into energy.

The use of recycled water with an irrigation control system is used for landscape irrigation to keep the water consumption optimum, much to the delight of environment enthusiasts.

And as visitors, we can participate in the various recycling programs that recover more than 11,000 tons of waste each year. So, the next time you go to Universal, rejoice in the fact that you’re contributing to saving the environment!

The Eden Project

Cornwall’s The Eden Project is a theme park with sustainability at its core. If you ever want to know how heavily humans depend on nature, this is the place to visit!

This park has a generous waste management program and recycles 50% of the waste produced. The food waste here is used in composting to generate energy. With ethical and local sourcing for most of its products, the park sets an example of sustainable living.

A geothermal plant has been set up by the project that aims to use the heat from the granite underneath. With reduced waste generation and energy-efficient water management, the goal is to wipe out the park’s carbon footprint. And we can certainly help out by visiting this gorgeous establishment.

Disney Earth Month

Disney Resorts and Parks have been celebrating Disney Earth Month globally to create awareness regarding sustainability practices for a while now. By combining sustainability with education, the park operators aim to create an immersive learning environment.

Besides this, waste generation by eliminating single-use plastic straws at locations across the globe. Disney also has various projects committed to wildlife conservation and protection, so we can rest assured that most of their establishments are cruelty-free. Like many others on this list, Disney also aims to generate its own energy in the future by adopting renewable sources.

Reclaimed water is used for landscape irrigation, washing buses, and cleaning streets across their parks. The use of LED lights, mindful waste management, and water conservation creates great surroundings with an even better future.

You can leave the conservation part to Disney and focus on all the fun aspects when you are in one of their parks.

Final Word

Theme parks increase our energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon footprint by many folds. The sheer number of people that visit these places makes it hard for theme park operators to control energy usage and waste generation.

By following such sustainable methods, these amusement destinations can provide a fun-filled experience while also being environmentally responsible.


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