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Event Planning Tip Guide for Your Next Outdoor Event

Event Planning Tip Guide for Your Next Outdoor Event

Are you planning an outdoor event? Do you want an event planning tip or two on how to make it the best it can be?

Over the past year, outdoor events became increasingly popular. As experts gathered more information on COVID-19, they discovered the virus spreads easier indoors, when there isn’t as good of ventilation. Many people then began holding their events outdoors in order to avoid canceling important events and keep everyone safe.

If you have an upcoming event and don’t know how to hold it while maintaining safety, or if you just like the idea of an outdoor event, you probably want to know how to plan it well. 

Below, we’ll go into our best event planning tips for holding outdoor events! Keep reading to learn more!

Brainstorm Your Needs

Before you start working on any other aspects of your outdoor event, sit down with anyone on your event planning committee and figure out what you need. 

Define the primary goal of your event. Do you want to let people know about a new development at your company? Do you want to showcase a new product or have keynote speakers deliver valuable information? Do you want to create spaces for larger and smaller sessions? 

No matter what you want your event requires, jot it down. These details help you make decisions later on, as you begin to get into the details of your event planning.

You should also talk about the date you wish to hold your event. 

Choose a Large Enough Location

You want to make sure you select a location large enough to accommodate everything you need.

If you hold your event in the middle of the pandemic, you’ll need to find a space large enough to put seating in a distance and encourage guests to keep safely away from each other. No matter when you hold your event, though, you’ll need to think about space in advance since you want to have enough room for your occasion without it feeling crowded.

Once you identify a place, call the property owners and see if you can reserve it for your specific day. Often, locations fill up months in advance, so call as soon as you can.

Get a Permit

Once you decide on a location, get a permit to hold the event.

This ensures you hold it legally and that the local government doesn’t shut it down.

In addition, you should learn about any local ordinances for public events. Every locality has different rules for the use of public areas, and you should know them so that you don’t violate any of them on accident.

Arrange for Security

Do you have a large number of people or high-profile individuals attending your event?

If so, you need to think about hiring security. This could range from requesting police presence to hiring security guards on your own. This ensures your event will go smoothly and your guests and employees will be kept safe.

Invite Keynote Speakers

Once you have this organized, think about which keynote speakers you would like to invite. Have a backup list of speakers as well, just in case some speakers say they can’t attend the event. 

Contact all of the people you wish to speak at your event, give them information about it, and invite them to give a speech. Once they commit to speaking, ask them to share about the event on their social media to raise awareness about your company.

Decide on a Menu

If your event goes for several hours, consider having some food or light refreshments available for your guests. This will allow them to enjoy your event without worrying about their hunger.

At this point, if you plan on holding a dinner event, you should think about the menu you wish to offer. Hire a company to cater the food, and make sure to take common allergies, such as nuts or gluten, into consideration. 

Even if you don’t plan on having a full meal at your event, you should think about offering people a light assortment of healthy snacks. These may range from fruit to small cheese slices. This gives your guests enough energy to keep going without you having to pay the full expense of a catered meal.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

If you want to keep your guests happy throughout your event, make sure you keep them comfortable.

To do this, consider your seating options carefully. You want them to be within your budget but high-quality so that your guests won’t mind sitting for a considerable amount of time.

If you have more than one keynote speaker, schedule in short breaks, during which people have the opportunity to get up, walk around, get some food, and socialize.

Need a place for them to take bathroom breaks? Get porta johns.

Have a Backup Plan in Case of Bad Weather

Want to know the most important event planning tip for your outdoor occasion? When people plan outdoor events, they usually check to make sure the weather remains clear.

Still, the unexpected happens, and it sometimes rains on days the forecast thinks it will shine. As a result, you should have a backup plan. Many people rent waterproof tents in case it rains, enabling them to still hold their occasion.

This will also give you peace of mind. No matter the weather, you won’t have to cancel at the last minute!

Loved Every Event Planning Tip in This Article?

Now that you’ve read the best outdoor event planning tip guide we can offer, you’re prepared to organize your occasion.

Many companies choose to hold outdoor events, both because they like them and for safety during the pandemic. By following the advice above, you’ll be able to plan an event that becomes a success!

Do you want more life advice? Check out the rest of our articles today!


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