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Essential Things To Look At When Buying A Pallet Rack


Installing a pallet racking system for your warehouse or business can improve your company’s sustainability and inventory management. With the economy of various countries projected to increase in the next few years, you need to improve your warehouse and logistic department. 

In the US alone, more than 1600 new warehouses are built yearly to cater for the increasing needs of online retailers and consumers. Consumers value the essence of fast and correct delivery. That means if you deliver your goods on time, your company is likely to succeed and vice versa. Fortunately, the right Pallet Racking System Malaysia can boost your business’s service delivery.

Here are some things you should look at when buying pallet racks:

1. Purpose

Before purchasing a pallet rack system, you need to understand why you need it. Pallet Racking System Malaysia experts can brief you on what pallet shelves do and how much they can help you achieve. 

However, its purpose also depends on the type of goods you intend to keep on it and your business’s inventory work. Besides that, you may need them to perform adjustable or double-deep racking. Professional racking system experts can help you select the best rack to serve your company’s functions.

2. Warehouse Layout And Storage Space

The shape, height, and size of your warehouse will impact the racking system you choose. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to know these dimensions yourself. As a result, you may need to hire a Mezzanine Floor Malaysia contractor to analyze the warehouse and tell you which pallet system is best for it. 

These experts know how to improve a warehouse’s functionality and make it enhance the flow of operations. An excellent racking solution should use maximize the vertical space of your warehouse and exploit its floor space. Some racking systems like high bay racking are affordable but can reach up to 40 meters high.

But if you select a higher racking option, it would be best to budget for a racking crane. That’s because it’ll help you to access higher stacks. 

3. Accessibility

You should install a pallet racking system that your staff can easily access. It should have space to allow the movement of stock to the front and back. Also, it should offer a convenient storage solution to high-moving stocks. 

But to know how accessible your goods should be, you need to write down a plan. Goods that aren’t in demand can be stored at the back, while those that require daily movements can be stored at the front. You also need to consider the type of goods you sell, the stock movement and rotation rate, and the efficiency of your operating systems. 

Final Thought

Pallet racks are vital investments for any company. But before buying a pallet rack, you need to consider factors such as accessibility, purpose, and your warehouse’s layout and storage space. That way, you’ll buy a rack that’s suitable for your company’s operations and needs. 


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