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Top 10 English Speaking Course in Bangalore

English Speaking Course

Are you looking for any English speaking course in Bangalore? Are you looking to switch jobs?
You may be wondering why am I asking these questions. The answer is that these questions are somewhere or the other interrelated. I will explain to you how.
Speaking excellent English is always a need if you want to work for global corporations or advance in your career. Even though you may have a smart mind and can generate excellent company ideas if you are weak in communication skills you may find yourself languishing at the missed possibilities.

As a result of your difficulty communicating your excellent ideas, your productivity will inevitably decline over time. Therefore, it is essential to enroll in an English speaking course in Bangalore if you want to improve your English speaking skills and stand out from the competition in your industry.

Top 10 English Speaking Course in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin

The best part of learning an English speaking course in Bangalore is enrolling at Henry Harvin. The institute is well-developed with the focus to make you fluent in English speaking by proving the best online learning opportunity. You will enjoy the foremost throughout your learning. With 100% practical learning sessions you can achieve the preeminent level in English speaking course in no time.

The English speaking course in Bangalore by Henry Harvin is custom-made to help you make a confident and proficient speaker. Trainers here guide you in such a way that by the completion of the course you will be capable to read complex texts with ease. You will be efficient in writing long essays, paragraphs, and sentences in English.
They have dedicated speaking sessions with native speakers to help you grasp accents and the local word list in English. Henry Harvin is following the Common European Framework (CEFR).


  • The course is designed as 9-in-1 with the following objectives – Projects, Internship, Certification, Placement, E-Learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and Gold Membership
  • The curriculum in its entirety will help you develop your confidence and spoken English fluency
  • Completely Practical Training by concentrating on essential parts of the English language like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and diction of the English language
  • Live Projects at Language Academy for 1 Year with Weekly Job Support, Recorded Videos, Monthly Bootcamps, Interview Skills, and Career Guidance & Support
  • Completely Money-Back Guarantee. After the first session is over, if you’re not happy with the English speaking course in Bangalore, you can ask for your complete money back.

Course details

  • The English speaking course in Bangalore at Henry Harvin is divided into 6 levels
    Levels from 1 to 4 are for 40 hours
    Level 5 and 6 is for 50 hours
  • Projects related to English speaking, implementation, rhetoric speaking, and many more are part of learning.
  • They provide internship support with multiple experimental projects to help you grab the hands-on learning experience
  • Get Hallmark certification from the award-winning institute.
  • Access to the videos, course content, assessments, and assignments to help you enhance your learning
  • Regular boot camp sessions with free access to the #AskHenryHarvin hackathons

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2. Speakeng India

Speakeng India provides the best English Speaking Course in Bangalore. For those who struggle to express themselves in English even though they are aware of the appropriate responses in certain scenarios, they have created a customized English Speaking Course in Bangalore.


  • They have an activity-based, hands-on approach to training, where full participation from the students makes the sessions vibrant and interesting, maximizing the learning potential.
  • They emphasized grammar, pronunciation, and soft skills that not only boost your confidence and necessary skills but also make you proficient in English.
  • Since each student has individual learning needs and a unique learning curve, they concentrate on meeting those needs.
  • In addition to the English speaking course in Bangalore, there are many more self-training guidelines you need to adhere to if you want to master English.
  • Faculty aids in language acquisition as well as training in accent reduction, presenting skills, personality development, and email etiquette, among other things.

3. FITA Academy

The major goal of FITA Academy’s English speaking course in Bangalore is to give students the finest possible grounding in all four crucial language skills – listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Students will be introduced to the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the language during the training program to help them become proficient in the language, which mostly entails improving their communication and writing skills.

Students who complete the English Speaking Course in Bangalore at FITA Academy are well prepared to pursue their career goals, such as continuing their study or career abroad, as well as adjusting to the present English-demanding employment market.


  • You will learn from industry experts at FITA Academy who is passionate about imparting their knowledge to students. Get direct mentoring from the Pros.
  • Comprehensive course content with a well-structured curriculum is designed to comply with industry standards globally.
  • They follow a multidisciplinary strategy that places more emphasis on English language reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Experts in the field of English create the curriculum for the English speaking course in Bangalore offered at FITA Academy
  • Professional instruction to help you in all aspects of English grammar, from the fundamentals to the challenging aspects of English
  • You can take instructor-led online training and get the recorded videos of every session
  • At any of the nearby FITA Academy branches, receive classroom training from industry experts
  • Trainers are experienced with decades of experience in the teaching profession
  • Additionally, instructors help students improve their business communication skills by giving them the appropriate training.
  • The FITA Academy’s English Speaking Course in Bangalore prepares students to communicate effectively in English.

4. Udemy

By enrolling at Udemy for an English speaking course in Bangalore, you can become more fluent in speaking English. You will be able to pick up new words and start using frequent themes of conversation. They provide an online learning platform to help you learn at your flexible time.


  • Online activities along with the step-by-step learning methods
  • PDF worksheets are available for download including assignments and practice sheets.
  • Video recordings of the course session with subtitles to help you effective learning
  • Assignments to help you practice the efficient learning
  • You can learn colloquial phrases and slang the English based on the level of your learning standards.
  • You will be capable to speak English with confidence by using correct pronunciation and using proper diction.
  • Instructors at Udemy focus on your enhancing your speaking skills. They also look at improving your English slang so that you will be confident to move around the world and make friends or increase your network.
    5. SevenMentor

Students and professionals who need to speak more effectively at work or in their study setting can enroll in English speaking course in Bangalore. For all ability levels, SevenMentor Training offers exceptional, English language instruction. Students can practice their communication skills by speaking English, which gives them the assurance they need.


  • For their students, they make English demonstrations, English language, grammar, and creative skills simple.
  • SevenMentor Training Institute aids to develop the ability of effective communication for students.
  • The goal of the English speaking course in Bangalore is to increase learners’ awareness of how to use English grammar correctly when speaking.
  • The professional faculty puts a lot of emphasis on improving the speaker’s comprehensibility and fluency.
  • English speaking course in Bangalore aims to increase students’ vocabulary to suit the sophisticated industry requirements.
  • They provide maximum oral presentation practice for the students by dividing them into groups. This helps students to learn public speaking skills.

6. Coursera

The goal of this English speaking course in Bangalore is to help you speak English more effectively by enhancing your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, oral communication abilities in a business setting, and your capacity to produce polished business speeches for certain audiences. This English speaking course in Bangalore will make use of the skills you develop in this course, and they will also help you get ready to deliver the expert business presentation for the capstone project.


  • You will develop and practice the language skills required for success in the working world during course lectures and peer assessments.
  • You get the opportunity to complete assignments throughout the course that apply to the working world.
  • The speaking, writing, and cross-cultural communications courses of this course will frequently refer to and require the skills you develop in English.
  • You learn English language proficiency for successful oral and written communication

7. FutureLearn

English speaking course in Bangalore at FutureLearn, makes it easier for you to keep track of your learning, courses are divided into weeks, activities, and steps. The course curriculum is well-structured with the help of the subject matter expert in the English language.


  • You will learn how to introduce yourself, practice meeting new people, and practice engaging in conversations at the start of the course. Your speaking, reading, and listening skills will all be improved.
  • You can listen to English-speaking individuals speaking in a variety of contexts on
  • your computer or smartphone, and you can take tests to check your understanding.
    You may improve your fundamental English abilities by taking this free 4-week online course.
  • You will gain self-assurance and gain better listening abilities as a result of learning an English speaking course in Bangalore.

8. Perfectly Spoken

Perfectly Spoken is an online educational platform for learning English speaking course in Bangalore. You learn the basics of English including grammar, vocabulary, and exam preparation. It is a self-learning course combined with a live, interactive practice that is appropriate for you. They emphasize public seminars, master classes, and speaking practice groups are part of learning English course in Bangalore.


  • Learn how to speak English fluently and naturally, without having to think too hard about what to say.
  • Practice speaking and writing English effectively and flexibly for social, academic, and professional needs.
  • Develop the ability to write intricate texts with complex organizational frameworks.

9. British Council

The English speaking course in Bangalore at British Council programs assist individuals all around the world in acquiring the knowledge, self-assurance, and contacts necessary to realize their potential and drastically alter their lives. The course trainers are passionate about teaching with creativity and perfection, providing top-notch English language instruction all around the world.

The English speaking course in Bangalore will provide you with the English skills you need to face the future with confidence, whether you require English for employment, study, or daily life. Your learning and life goals can be attained with the guidance and inspiration of qualified trainers.


  • The in-person spoken English course is created to assist you in developing a natural speaking style and increasing your self-assurance when speaking English.
  • You can speak more clearly and intonate your words more effectively by using our Spoken English modules.
  • You can improve your English language skills by practicing it regularly with the help of the instructors at the British Council. They will guide and correct you if you are wrong somewhere.
  • Learn to speak English naturally and improve your English language by practicing it regularly
  • You acquire the confidence to speak and communicate in diverse contexts.
  • Presentations in the English language and debate among the students, to help them gain confidence in public speaking skills.

10. Fastinfo Class

Fastinfo aims at helping students or a professional, a home-maker or a businessman, to learn an English speaking course in Bangalore with the best communication skill development. You can reinvent your personality and recreate yourself by using English speaking course in Bangalore offered by Fastinfo Class learning platform. In addition to assisting the students in honing their reading, writing, listening, and English speaking abilities, our highly qualified teachers also work to boost their self-confidence.

Students from any background come to learn the English speaking course in Bangalore and gain the best knowledge. To help students, professionals, and non-formal learners who have enrolled in open universities like IGNOU & NIOS overcome their academic pain points by giving them the precise resources they require, FastInfo Class launched India’s first online tuitions platform.


  • You can select the online or the offline mode of learning at your convenience
  • Flexible timings to not disturb your daily routine
  • Well-trained instructors are the part of the institute who design the course curriculum as per the standard of learning of each student
  • The goal of the institute is to grow to be India’s largest online educational platform, with the support of the cooperation between outstanding instructors and deserving students
  • Become more articulate and defend your opinions in front of your boss, interviewer, clients, or colleagues.

Importance of English speaking course in Bangalore

  • Learning English course in Bangalore can help you communicate with anybody with confidence and fluent English.
  • You can enlarge your friend circle from the local national group to the international group.
  • You will be capable enough to communicate or share your ideas and concepts with your friends and colleagues at work
  • If you speak fluent English then you will be much more capable to grasp the attention of your clients. They will find you to be a comfortable person to communicate with and exchange project related work.
  • You can expand your business with effective speaking skills.
  • Speaking English can help you land in the global world. Where you can explore the culture, tradition, and customs of other countries.
  • Nowadays there is a lot of craze for the English language. Entertainment is also preferred in English. And if you know English then you can enhance your career in many fields like entertainment, movies, etc.
  • If you are fascinated to learn abroad, then it is the best chance to learn English speaking and settle there. English speaking can help you understand the people, their traditions, culture, and customs and helps you to adjust accordingly.
  • Learning an English speaking course in Bangalore can help you read and speak fluent efficient and effective English.

Carrier Benefits taking English speaking course in Bangalore

  • It increases your employability
    If you aren’t already in the US or another English-speaking nation, knowing English will assist you to find employment abroad. Your career options will expand, and recruiters will take notice of your resume. Most immigrants who arrive in the US without having learned English are forced to work in low-paying positions.
  • It will be easier to increase your network
    If you already work a job where English speakers are present but are not yet ready or confident conversing with them, you are losing out on networking chances. You can establish connections with folks in your environment that will advance your career if you can communicate in English.
  • Promotion at the workplace is possible
    You can be qualified for promotions in your company if your manager observes that your English is getting better. Because of your improved communication skills, you could be able to lead a team and interact with them effectively.
  • Easier to travel
    English will always be spoken at airports in addition to the local language. Being able to speak the universal language will enable you to travel anywhere in the world whether you wish to work in the travel and tourist industries or your company requires traveling. You will be able to communicate with more individuals and gain a better understanding of other cultures.
  • Boost your brain power
    According to the research, multilingual people exhibit diverse thought processes. They have a larger capacity for concentration, are better at recalling details, and can think critically and from different perspectives. Being bilingual helps you see the world more broadly and opens your mind to different cultures, which boosts your capacity for knowledge.
  • Personality growth
    Gaining confidence through speaking English is an excellent approach to advancing in your work. The ability to speak English gives you self-assurance, which enhances your ability to demonstrate your abilities. Any career you choose can benefit from this.
  • Multiply the money
    The time and work you put into learning and using a second language, whether it be English or another one, is worthwhile. If you speak both your mother tongue and English, you will have a wider range of opportunities to work in higher-paying positions.


Hence, it is thought that if you demonstrate that you are a strong English communicator, you will have a better chance of making an impression on management while presenting your ideas. English has always been a language with a wide range of speakers. The language has overtaken all others as the most widely used second language. People are becoming accustomed to using English as a tool for a variety of daily activities. Understanding language and learning, a free course you took, asked you to think about the function of language in learning. It assumed that language, and more specifically linguistic engagement with others, was a crucial component of learning.

Q.1 Is an English speaking course in Bangalore worthy to join?
Ans. Yes, you can join English speaking course in Bangalore. You learn speaking from well-qualified instructors who will help you gain confidence in English.

Q.2 What is the importance of an English speaking course in Bangalore?
Ans. For people to connect, language is essential. We may communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others using language. It can both create and destroy societies.

Q.3 Does the English language change your life?
Ans. Speaking a common language makes it possible for you to meet new people who also speak that language, which can lead to lifetime friendships that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to form. It offers the chance to get to know English-speaking people and learn more about other cultures.

Q.4 Why is English a powerful language?
Ans. English has been the most widely used language in the world for more than a century. It continues to be the main language used in business, diplomacy, education, entertainment, health, and science today. The English language, however, has some formidable competitors as the globe is evolving more quickly than ever.

Q.5 What is the process of joining English speaking course in Bangalore?
Ans. There is no specific process for joining English speaking course in Bangalore. You can select the institutes at your convenience and enroll for the course. There are no educational criteria also as such but if you have completed the SSC with the minimum is preferable.

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