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How Future Education Can Be Made Better by Machine Learning?

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Education is too good of knowledge and interest; Machine Learning is too good to ROI! (DataFlair, 2021)

Can this statement be true? If you deeply think about it, learning can do magic in every aspect of your life whether it is entertainment, education, or technology.

Today, the king of the world is technology. It sure is ruling life. Codes are not written by machines. The data is added to the generic algorithm. Then the machine constructs the algorithm which is based on the data provided.

In short, it is a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn”. It provides improvements in the performance of a task with its data. For instance, machines learn in learning analytics and artificial intelligence, in education. Artificial intelligence helps a lot in intelligence.

Some education systems provide individual machines to each student for personalized learning as the machine also learns in education. Students are told to learn what they want to learn and can follow the pace they want.

 Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow!

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

A piece of news has been reported by CMO that 16 percent of jobs will be lost around the next decade due to artificial intelligence and technology and 13.6 million jobs will come into form because of a trend. (nelson, 2018)

It seems like artificial intelligence has conquered the world. Artificial intelligence has an estimate of $70 billion worth in the market, and it is in its prime.

It benefits us by improving the economy, ensuring the safety of government institutes, medicine is taken to a high level. As people teach them things, the computer gets smarter every day. (nelson, 2018)

Here Are 5 Advantages of Future Education

According to some sources, if we apply artificial intelligence technologies properly in the markets, almost 90 billion hours can be saved every year. Isn’t that amazing? And that’s not it yet.

In another field, artificial intelligence can bring positive changes. The field is no other than education. Mentioned below are eight points explaining how future education can be made better by machine learning.

1.     Customizable learning Experience

As machines will enter the schools, teachers will be at ease and will not have to keep the logs saved. They won’t need a lot of time to deliver the concepts as they can simply show them a video related to it. Moreover, they won to spend time setting a goal for each student as computers will do it.

This concept will show the teachers that how much concept is every student picks up. So teachers can look keenly for the methods that are not working out and pick up a curriculum to make the progress better instead of explaining it to the public to take out ideas.

For instance, software created by Gooru is for schools, and it is used for the purpose mentioned above.

2.     Path Prediction of Student

A software is formed by some companies that will predict how good a student will work at school and what percentage it is which will cause them to drop out. The program takes a clear look at the behavior of students and pinpoints their weaknesses and tells if they can lead to failure or not. 

For instance, if a student finds it difficult to write, then the system will analyze whether the situation is ok or getting worse and if the measures should be taken or not. It might not only be a problem of writing a proposal. It may happen because one is not able to meet the requirements. If that’s the case, help with dissertation might be needed.

3.     Better Organization of the Process

The content and curriculums are organized in a better way by artificial intelligence because it can analyze the concepts better and tell which technique is better understood by the students.

This helps the student learn things in a way they find understanding and comfortable. Moreover, the efficiency of education grows.

4.     Grading System Becomes Unbiased

The machine will check the assignments of students and teachers will not have to do it. The grades will not depend on the teacher’s behavior or feelings towards the students but will be based on their performance only.

Teachers will still have to assist It because for checking many more technique requirements are needed. For example, recently Revision assistant has been created by Turnitin. It detects plagiarism and reviews the essays.

The essay gets a score after an analysis. It helps the students to realize what parts they did wrong and need to improve. Moreover, students can also take help from hnd assignment help and improve their selves.

5.     Suggested Learning Path

When the software analyzes the student’s behavior and its performance, it suggests new ways to learn. The curriculums knowledge is analyzed by the software and then the weak spots are identified. After the weak points are identified, suggestions are given related to the materials and the method of learning. The best systems are MnagHigh and DreamBox.

To Sum it Up!

Machine learning is bound to make education better and ease the processes of learning therefore many educational institutes are now moving towards machine learning.


As the importance and awareness about education rise, there are changes in the urban and rural areas. It is said, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family (nation)”. (DataFlair, 2021)

The old schools will find it difficult to use machines but will soon learn. A lot of people who are not in favor of machines will soon realize that machine learning will bring a revolution in the education field and the nation.


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