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How To Write A CV For A Sales Job That Will Close The Deal

CV For A Sales Job

You may have to deal with unreasonable customers in a sales job, but looking at all the sales commission earned, every sales employee says it was worth it.

A sales job demands impeccable negotiation skills and the ability to convince the person on the other end. If that’s you, sales might be just the right industry for you. Organizations these days are looking forward to building a sales talent pipeline by onboarding highly qualified sales representatives.  That’s exactly why the sales industry is offering all sorts of roles these days. 

Have you found a perfect sales job and need some help in revamping your CV to close the deal? Help has arrived, my friend. This guide shows you exactly how to nail it. I am sure you know the basics of resume writing so let’s stick to the important sections that will get you the job. 

Let’s get started…

Mention Key Sales Facts

To make your CV stand out, you must mention the key sales fact that add to your experience such as:

  • The cities you have sold items to
  • Type of products sold 
  • Types of customers you have sold to 
  • Deal size
  • The average length of the sales cycle 
  • Sales target achieved 

Use the Right Language 

The sales industry has its own language. Recruiters or employers always keep an eye on the industry-specific terms and so should you.

The key is to mention some of the keywords in your resume that were mentioned in the job description. Some recruiters use ATS for scanning applications for certain keywords. If those keywords are found in your resume, your CV will get the attention of the recruiters.

Adjust these buzzwords in your resume wherever possible without overdoing it:

Territory expansion, trend analysis, sales quotes, business development, lead generation, hunter, direct sales, P&L, forecasting, channel sales, consultative sales, communication skills, CRM, KPIs. 

Highlight the Numbers

Sales is ultimately about getting results and employers like those resumes that have proof about achieving a target. Hence, use dollar amounts or percentages to highlight your sales accomplishments. These numbers will validate that you are an achiever and you can prove to be a valuable asset for the organization.

For example: Delivered 70 new sales leads resulting in $300k in revenue for the second quarter 

Keep your day-to-day responsibilities separate from accomplishments like these. This would make the resume easier to scan.

Showcase Your Training and Certifications 

Sales representatives are expected to keep up with the industry by getting the necessary training from time to time. If you have completed any training, do mention it. Likewise, mention all the relevant certifications for demonstrating that you are keen on improving your skillset. Things like these also make your resume stand out.

Reference All the Essential Soft Skills

The sales environment is not for everyone. It takes a particular set of soft skills for one to succeed in this job. Just mentioning that you are “confident”, detail-oriented, “strong negotiator” is not enough.

While writing down the right soft skills for the job, demonstrate them with an example. Also, be prepared to explain these soft skills during the interview. 

Additional Tips to Perfect and Polish Your Resume 

These were all the essentials. Now, let’s have a look at some additional tips to fine-tune your resume:

Follow a chronological layout 

First of all, cut any experience that is irrelevant to the job because you want the length of the resume to be as short as it can be. Follow the chronological layout when it comes to mentioning your work experience.

Make the sections scannable

Everything from your education, experience, to skills, and other relevant information must be easy to identify. This is done by breaking the resume into scannable sections. This makes it easier for the recruiters to quickly read the resume. 

Use bullets wherever necessary 

Don’t hesitate to use bullets to make it easier for the recruiter to read the important points. After all, you don’t want them to miss important information.

Proofread before sending

The resume must be completely error-free. Give it a thorough read and then ask a reliable friend to check everything.


Use persuasive content, keep it punchy, add results and follow these tips. There’s no reason you won’t impress the recruiters! 


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