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Casual Style Guide For Men: 6 Pro Tips

Casual Style Guide For Men

Every guy would agree, a casual dress is your best chance to express a true sense of style. Men’s casual wear gives you an open invitation to dress and feel comfortable in. 

Casual dressing is about finding a balance between comfort, style, and individuality. It’s about wearing a fashionable yet functional ensemble. Most men retreat to default outfits like jeans, a white tee, and a cool pair of sneakers. While there is nothing wrong with this look, you can always do more to spice up your casual look. 

Do you think you need to work on your casual wear? Perhaps these tips will help: 

1: Dress Like a Grown-Up 

The aim of casual style shouldn’t be to look youthful. If you want to appear well dressed, then your aim should be to look mature. It is maturity that separates men from boys. Maturity commands respect – the quality that you would like others to see in you.

Dressing like a grown-up does not mean you dress like your dad or a senior. The key is to avoid portraying yourself as a teen. For instance, replace ripped jeans with men’s khakis. It is time you let go of graphic tees and plain or textured wear casual t-shirts instead.

2: Fit Is Everything

The price of the apparel, extravagant fabric, and how well it’s stitched does not matter unless it fits well on you. The outfit might look attractive on the mannequin but if it doesn’t fit properly, it’s never going to look good on you.

When it comes to jeans, they should finish above your footwear. The T-shirt shouldn’t be too tight. If it’s a shirt, it should drape across the shoulders.

Can’t find clothes that fit off the rack? Then find yourself a good local tailor and make him your best friend. 

3: Choose the Right Jeans 

The go-to casual wear for many guys is a decent pair of jeans. They look amazing as long as you are wearing the right pair. 

Baggy jeans are no longer in fashion so you must avoid them at all costs. There is nothing more annoying than having to pull your jeans every 2 seconds. It should fit you without a belt. The jeans should never pool around your ankles. 

Since you are striving for a mature look, avoid wearing jeans with embellishments like rips, distress, or any other type of bleaching. Lastly, this one should go without saying. Avoid jeans with large logos on the back pocket. Choose a clean and dark pair of blue jeans for a decent look at all times. 

If you have an athletic build, go for athletic fit jeans. On the other hand, if you have packed up some weight, choose slim-fit jeans.

4: Don’t Leave your Wrist Naked

A simple yet effective way of sprucing up a dull outfit is to wear accessories. Whether it’s casual or formal dressing, make it a habit to wear wrist accessories. 

The first option is to wear a watch. The second option is a leather bracelet or a few bead bracelets. Don’t leave your wrists naked. You will look boring. These accessories will serve as a statement piece and add a personality to your outfit.  You will come across a person who dresses with intention. 

5:  Add Statement Pieces 

Yes, statement pieces are acceptable even when you are dressing casually. They bring life to a boring outfit.  They are the backbone of every man or woman’s wardrobe. 

Statement pieces include bold jackets, patterned shirts, textured materials, and just about anything that pops up and creates a sense of personality.  Use one statement piece at a time and make sure everything else is simple and this piece gets everyone’s attention. 

6: Casual Doesn’t Mean Sloppy

Never fall into the trap of thinking that casual means you are allowed to wear a tracksuit all day long. The casual wear chosen should look good on you. In fact, it should bring out your personality. Make others feel as if you have placed a lot of thought into putting together this look of yours. 

It may take a few failed attempts until you get it right. After that, you will never be without wearing something nice. 


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