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Choosing a Canadian BBQ Sauce to Make Your Barbecue or Cookout Sizzle


What you cook and how you cook matters, and it matters more than ever when you are having a BBQ or cookout. Getting the taste and the flavor just right can make or break a meal or dish. You do not want to compromise on the sauces that you use – because this will affect the taste. So, when you are choosing a BBQ sauce, what do you need to consider?

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Taste and Quality are King

If a sauce doesn’t taste very good, then you will avoid eating it, and this will mean that at a BBQ or cookout, there could be a lot of wasted and unwanted food.

You want to enjoy every bite of your food, and to make sure that this happens, you need to always choose a great-tasting sauce. As well as the taste being important, you also need to think about the quality too.

Sauces that are too thin can take a while to cover the food you are preparing, and it could take several coatings to achieve the taste and flavor that you want. Good quality sauces are thick enough to just coat up your food once.

Why The Sauce is so Important

A good quality sauce can make or break an event, and in the worst-case scenario, it could end up making it memorable for all the wrong reasons. Sticking to a good quality sauce that is full of flavor and full of taste will ensure that every piece of food you cook (and use it on) is just as delicious as it was the last time you had it.

A good sauce can shake up any foodstuff or meal, and it is important to not try and mix too many sauces or flavors – instead, stick to one that is multipurpose. For example, one that can be used on a wide range of foodstuffs, including meat and fish.

Sticking to The Brands That You Love

Going with a new brand is risky, especially if you are cooking for your extended family and friends. Reaching out for a brand that you know, such as 403 BBQ Co. gives you confidence in what you are cooking.

You do not want to risk going with new brands that you do not love, or even those unbranded options from the store, because the sauce and coating that you use on a BBQ is one of the most important ingredients – and something that you do not want to get wrong.

Avoiding Homemade Mixtures

Trying to make your own sauce at home is something that should be avoided. Getting the right taste, flavor, texture, and consistency is not something that can easily be achieved with a home mixture.

Adding the wrong ingredients or herbs and spices can make a sauce inedible, which will then make the food inedible too – which will result in a lot of unhappy people waiting around an empty barbecue. Homemade mixtures can taint meat and fish – especially if they are prepared incorrectly. So, stick to ready-made options for ease and for the guarantee of flavor and taste.

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