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CA Intermediate Study Material for Students – CA Syllabus

10 Study Tips for Average Students to Complete CA Syllabus

CA is a highly sought vocational course in India that requires years of rigorous training to get the certification. CA conducted by ICAI consists of three levels which are divided into Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Three levels of the CA syllabus require precise attention to complete and revise on time.

Becoming a CA in India is a commendable but challenging ritual. If you look at the average figure, only about 45 to 50 percent of the applicants are successful in the first attempt of CA, and this shows that it is one of the toughest competitive exams in India.

Study Tips to Cover CA syllabus

As the examinations are approaching, students get busy reading CA subjects without any necessary planning. Obviously, not all students are unique and need guidance. The biggest fear among average students is the rumour that the exam will be difficult, so such students should first accept that their attitude is making it complicated. One needs only 50% marks to crack CA, for which ICAI provides study material. But an intelligent student will look for mock tests, scanner papers, etc., apart from the study material, so he keeps ahead of the rest of the students.

Let’s look at some helpful study tips that even an average student crack the exam.

Expand the Scope of Study

Actually, the CA syllabus is as wide as the sea, in which understanding all the subjects in depth will make a point; only by getting hold of the selected subjects, you will not be able to pass the entire exam. So, expand the scope of study and prepare a timetable according to the importance of subjects.

Cover the CA Syllbus Topics One by One

If you finish one topic at a time, then it will be less confusing for your mind. Often students study more than one subject in a day, due to which there is a big confusion and things get mixed together. That’s why read one topic till you repeat it, then look at the other topic. This type of practice ensures better performance in the exam.

Use Internet Only To cover CA syllabus

Internet is useful in many ways from the point of view of examination, through which students can download notes and mock test papers, etc. But the use of mobile or internet, apart from studies, will only waste the time of CA students. Also, disable your social media accounts during exams so that notifications don’t tempt you.

Make a Study Plan of 10 hours in a Day to cover entire Syllabus of CA

The average CA participant should follow a 10-hour study plan comprising one or two subjects and repetitions. Daily ten hours of sincere study will get you cleared the CA exam in one go.

Keep in Touch with Mentors

Since an average participant needs guidance from time to time. Because the study of such a comprehensive course takes a long time and it becomes difficult for many students to maintain the same motivation for such a long time. So stay in touch with your mentor for constant motivation.

Make a Smart Schedule for Mock test and Previous question paper for complete Understanding of Syllabus

A well-planned schedule will always give accurate results. So make a time schedule that covers mock test papers and previous year papers along with regular subjects will ensure your sure success in CA.

Build the Habit of Note-Taking While Studying

It is a good habit to create future footprints while reading and will come in very handy during the revision. While making notes, also put dates on them; this will make it easier to remember. When the exam approaches, you will have handwritten notes of critical reviews ready to save you the effort of flipping heavy books.

learn Syllabus with Practical Exposure to CA course

The largest part of the CA syllabus is of practical topics, so while studying these topics, strengthen your hold on the concepts. While learning each chapter, make sense and put the logic behind it into practice, thus transforming you from an average student to a skilled student.

Work on Time Management Skills

Now that you have mastered the entire syllabus, work on the qualities to present it in the exam. You have limited time in the exam, and students appearing for the first time often get defeated due to mismanagement of time. According to the exam pattern, allot the time for each question, and then try to put it into practice. To experience the stress of the real exam, you should take mock tests to become a habit.


The above tips will fuel an average student and help him to complete the CA syllabus on time. Obviously, a strong mindset will be required to become a CA. That’s why students should keep their grip on the syllabus. Incorporate physical exercise and eat good food in your daily routine to stay positive during study time. We have compiled all the above points based on the official statements of the rank holders. You will surely clear all the stages of CA in the first attempt with the help of these tips.


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