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Build Your Flame-Retardant Wardrobe With Helly Hansen’s Help



There are two distinct classifications for FR apparel. The first one is flame-resistant and the other is flame-retardant. Flame-resistant gear is made with the use of naturally resistant materials, while flame-retardant apparel is treated with various chemicals so that ignition and combustion can be slowed down.

Although neither of these two categories is completely fire-proof, both catch fire slowly. This will allow you a sufficient amount of time required to find an escape from the danger or figure out a way to safeguard yourself.

Benefits of flame-retardant wardrobe

Life is unpredictable and it is important to prepare yourself and remain ready for any sort of situation that you might have to face. By taking the proper measures and precautions, you can increase your chances of survival in any dangerous situation. Here, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of having flame-retardant clothing in case of unexpected fires.

  1. Reduces injury

Flame retardant clothes can be really helpful in reducing the risk of injury if in case you’re caught in a fire. Reducing injury will increase your chances of survival significantly and in some cases, only cause some slight damage to your body.

Fires can cause terrible injuries. However, with the use of flame-retardant clothes, you’ll be able to better protect yourself and make sure you don’t get any life-altering injuries.

  1. Provides insulation

The smoke and heat from fires are highly dangerous and can cause burns even if the fire itself hasn’t reached you. The flame-retardant clothes provide a good amount of insulation. This is especially needed for people who work around fire constantly such as fire-fighters as insulated clothes prevent the heat from reaching your body and giving you burns.

  1. Allow breathability

There is a big misconception among people that wearing more clothes is better in case of a fire. This information is wrong and can prove to be dangerous in a fire.

Flame-retardant clothes provide room for air to pass through, increasing breathability and ventilation. It also allows a person to move freely and easily which is essential in a fire to quickly find a safe space.  

Helly Hansen flame-retardant collection

It’s time to pick your favorite flame-retardant apparel and you don’t need to stress about where to find it. You can find the best flame-retardant apparel with Helly Hansen’s help. This brand gets its name from Helly Hansen, the sea captain who founded the company. It has been 140 years since they have been making outerwear that is professional-grade.

Why Helly Hansen?

It is well-known that the clothing collection provided by Helly Hansen is widely used for different activities and reasons such as during fishing, by industrial workers, and by survival and rescue personnel. The main reason why people love this collection is due to its superb quality and its protective properties including mitigating exposure to fire, cold, rain, and heat. 

This company is legendary and can be trusted by its users with their eyes closed. Helly Hansen completely knows the best ways to shield and protect you against torrential rain, cold temperatures, sea spray, and more. The jackets, pants, and other clothing materials are created with a unique and special fabric that repels water while remaining flexible and allowing room for breathing. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot because the collection is reasonably priced. You’ll be getting your money’s worth as you’ll be purchasing quality products that you can use in the long term.  This collection is unmatched because of its high-quality fabrication, affordable pricing, and protection that easily meets the government and industry safety standards. 

How does FR apparel get tested?

To qualify as flame-retardant clothing, an apparel item needs to pass the rigorous safety tests that are prescribed by the ASTM Association. For instance, it needs to go through and pass an ASTM vertical flame test that is conducted with the fabric suspended over a flame, for a time span of twelve seconds.

This is how the structural integrity of the fabric is evaluated by ASTM and they assess whether it can withstand direct exposure to the fire or not and for how long. It also checks to make sure if the clothing can minimize and prevent damage to the human body by self-extinguishing once you have escaped or found a safe place in a dangerous situation.


To build the best flame-retardant wardrobe, you can find and visit a well-recognized online provider that offers you the finest collection of Helly Hansen workwear and fire-resistant (FR) and flame-retardant clothing. It is time for you to take the necessary precautions by upgrading your wardrobe and preparing yourself to meet any dangerous situation that you might have to come across unexpectedly. You can stay protected and safeguarded at all times with the best apparel and come safely out of every situation like a champion.


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