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The Golden Triangle alludes to the urban communities of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur which when situated on the guide of India structure the state of a virtual triangle. Leave on an awesome excursion to investigate the capital city of Delhi, to observe the miracle of the world, Taj Mahal at Agra and appreciate the pink city of Jaipur!

Golden Triangle Tour

India’s Golden Triangle visit is one of the very much investigated trails of northern India that covers famous building magnificence. Brilliant Triangle of North India is a vacationer circuit that interfaces Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. This excursion together covered is mainstream and named as Golden Triangle on the grounds that these three spots structure a triangle when taken a gander at the topography guide of India. The Golden Triangle trip begins from Delhi that covers antiquated Mughal structures made with marbles and red sandstone at that point moves south to the Taj Mahal, Red Fort and other top attractions at Agra and afterward to the desert scenes of Rajasthan covering different exhibition halls, royal residences, strongholds and significantly more. The North India Golden Triangle visit is an interesting excursion that gives an encounter of a decent range of India’s different scenes. It is by the by, perhaps the best outing to feel the social legacy of India and is immensely requested by local people as well as travelers from everywhere the world. The following are the subtleties of every city canvassed in the Golden Triangle visit bundles

DELHI – Delhi, an enormous city with a few areas in the capital of India. It is the primary spot that invites you to start your excursion of the North India Golden Triangle Tour. From landmarks, parks, shopping and scrumptious road food; Delhi offers loads of fun and wonderful impressions.

AGRA – Agra, the city of Taj Mahal in the north Indian province of Uttar Pradesh is the second location of the Golden Triangle trip charms everybody by its magnificence. A few design pieces made by the Mughal Emperors are seen in the city. Agra’s petha (a sweet dish) is well known that everybody must attempt in any event once.

JAIPUR – Jaipur, the biggest city in Rajasthan is usually and prominently known as the ‘pink city’ and it is the third location of the Golden Triangle trip that is home to a staggering delight that catches heart and gives an ideal stop to the wonderful excursion. Photography, touring and Rajasthani food are the principle features of Jaipur that ensure amusement.


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