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How to Play Blackjack Briefly Short Guide In 2021


Blackjack is a casino banking game. It is considered the most Luck-based game. It is a card game played with a standard 52 card deck.

Minimum two and maximum seven players can play this game. Blackjack is a game of high risk and high reward. 

Blackjack can be played online and offline both. If you want to play it online check the goldenslot and if you want to play it offline you can visit any casino or bar.

Our today’s topic is all about blackjack. We will try to solve all your problems related to blackjack.

So without further ado let’ move towards our main topic.

Starting Off By;

Basics Of BlackJack:

The game starts with card distribution. 

The sum of your card needs to be 21 points or lesser than that. If it’s higher than 21 it’s called bust which means you are out. And if the sum of your cards is 21 points you win the first round. 

King, Queen, and Jack mean 10 points. Ace can either be 11 or 1 point. The leftover number some 2-9 has the same points as the card numbers.

There can be many rounds or a single round it depends on the players.

How to Play Blackjack:


The minimum starting bet should be $5 and it can easily go up to $500. It is a simple card game. You need a few winning strategies and luck.


The game starts with 2 cards. Both the 2 cards of a player are face-up and on the other hand, one card of the dealer is faced up and 1 is faced down.

  • Stand:

If a player is satisfied with the cards he owns and doesn’t want more cards he is considered as a stand.

  • Hit:

In simple words, Hit means getting more cards from the stockpile. Until they reach a sum of 21.

  • Double Down:

Players only double down when they feel lucky. They do so when they own Ace (equal to 11) or Queen, King, Or Jack. 

If a player does double down they only get one additional card.

  • Split:

If a player has the same value card he can split. By splitting you get two cards for each hand.

If you placed a $10 bet on first hand then you have to place a $10 bet on the other hand also.

If you have an ace or eight always try to split them and never split ten, four, and five.

  • Take Insurance:

If a dealer has blackjack insurance will help you to save half of your money.

If you bet for $10 by taking insurance you can reduce half amount of the bet means $5.

A player who has 18 points means closer to 21 the player win. And if the dealer is closer to 21 they win the bet.

Strategies to Win Blackjack:

The 5 basic strategies to win blackjack are given below;

  • If you luckily get an ace at the starting of the game or the sum of your card is equal to 11 increase your bet. It will provide you with more profit.
  • You create your own tricks to get succeed. So practice perfectly. The more you practice the more it will be helpful for you to win.
  • Splitting is a great winning strategy But you have to know when there is a need for splitting and what numbers are best for splitting. You can check different charts on google which will help you in getting more knowledge related to splitting.
  • If you are playing in the casino You have to sign up first. Because without signing up you can’t take money with you. Many players go to new casinos and didn’t sign up which results in money loss.
  • If you are a beginner start with low betting. Because in case if you didn’t win you didn’t lose that much money.
  • It is a game. And in-game you either lose or win. So don’t pressurize yourself.

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Blackjack is a tricky yet luck-based game. You need to have proper knowledge about it before playing. 

Winning strategies and some tricks will help you to win this game. 

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