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Bhai Dooj gifts for brother on the auspicious occasion


We fight, we argue, but never disobey our brothers. They are our shoulder to cry on and our ladder to success. They are our back no matter what and always stick by our side without letting us know. They are pillars of honesty, guidance and selfless love. Throughout the year they do an endless number of favours to us, now when it’s time to return them the favour, there is no better way than just giving, expected yet awesome Bhai Dooj gifts.

Plenty of ideas start ringing our brain the moment the festive season lines up. And here are a few similar suggestions:

  • A stylish Watch

A wristwatch is an all-time hit Bhai Dooj gifts option. It will never go out of style. Pick a pocket-friendly and stylish wrist watch for your brother and watch him flaunt it every day. Let it be something that goes with each attire and can be easily worn with funky or professional outfits, for your brother to rule both worlds.

  • A Grooming kit

You can not find flaws in your brother, but he can. Give him new confidence and look, with a grooming kit, he himself  would never buy. It has everything from a face wash, cleanser, scrub, mask and many other useful products like body wash, loofa and whatnot. He may need a tutorial on what the products do, but he will get there.

  • Customized presents

Customized presents are always best and close to the heart as they reflect on our personalities and are exactly how we like them. Brothers are like open books, and you can quickly know what they want and what they don’t. A mug, pillow, t-shirt with a printed quote or picture will genuinely be the present ever, something he wears till it tears, but still keeps with himself.

  • Ethnic wear

The occasion of Bhai dooj is auspicious and demand for an ethnic outfit. the majority of brothers would never pick an ethnic outfit for themselves, you will have to do the honours. Pick the best colour and trending design; remember to select the correct size and give it to your brother. He will slay all day, and the credit will all go to you.

  • Bucket list

The bucket list for Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers is like a pool of options, and if your brother has been clever about it, he has made some final choices. Dare and ask him for his bucket list well in time before the festival so he can dig deeper and write exactly what he wants. In times of online deliveries, he might as well just share some links. It may take a toll on your pocket but will fill your heart with happiness and love.

  • A pair of trending shoes

With shoes coming in different trends every now and then it’s important to stay up to date. A simple outfit can be made outstanding with just a pair of white sneakers or leather ones. Get an idea of your brother’s choice and buy a nice-looking pair of trending shoes.

  • Hand made chocolates

Brothers love chocolates on Bhai dooj, and every other day, no diets work in front of some sweet treats. Brands make special chocolate hampers around festive times, which make your job much easier. Just pick your brother’s favourite brand and chocolate and get a custom basket or a ready-made pack of his favourite ones. Also, a good thing you get a big chunk of share too.

  • Perfume 

Perfumes are an everyday use time and are on top of the list of Bhai dooj gifts. One good thing is that buying perfumes anyways requires suggestions and it’s most often yours. This gives you an upper hand to surprise your brother with something he needs, and you can be sure too that he will like your choice.

  • Gym equipment

If your brother is a gym freak, an athlete, a workaholic no matter what, a little gymming is every boy’s routine. Ask them for their need for gym equipment and buy it for them. Make sure they have enough room to place it. If your brother is not big on gymming, be his motivation and get him something he can begin with.

  • Food hamper 

Last but not least, and definitely not one to miss out on. Even if you have set your heart on any other item of the above-mentioned gift list, a food hamper can undoubtedly go along, and it is kind of like a must. Being foodies that most of us are, celebrations mean food and that is what you should do too.

The list of Bhai Dooj gifts for brothers is endless, but the few mentioned options are the most worthy. With the season just showing up there isn’t much time, select your choice, get it customized and personalized and get ready to startle your brother and also make him a little emotional.


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