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Best Used Cars to Buy at the End of the Year

Best Used Cars to Buy

During and post period of COVID-19 most people were affected environmentally and financially. It is believed that the earning process were deteriorate mostly throughout this phase in the countrywide. In comparison to other essential goods and commodities, automotive market was at an all-time low. People were aware to purchase new car as they did not know how long they have to stay under lockdown phenomena.

Now the situations are getting improve while people are slowly regaining their rhythms of life. But still an uncertainty rings into their mind, and they get less courage to invest a lot on purchasing the newest quality products. This is why the second-hand market comes into picture. There are many organizations in the country those deals with used vehicles and from them people not only get their dream cars but also at a proportion of its launch price.

This process helps them to get a well-furnished car without making too much expenditure on it. In this blog, the main focus is to get all guidance on Best Used Cars to buy at the End of the Year. Some important factors those influence this process are people get low insurance rate and registration fees, minimum road taxes, and the easy accessibility to funds for purchasing older cars. We also provide case study assignment writing service through the website Go to Assignment Help on more than 180 subjects like management, physics, mathematics, economics, nursing, etc.

Best cars to buy in India

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

This model is very popular all throughout the year, a hatchback model, it is also one of the best-liked cars to purchase in India. In the year 2022, it has approached a selling record of 24,700 units sold and thus making a milestone of India’s best-selling car in the month of March. With such hall mark and popularity, this 4-wheeler is readily available in the second-hand car market. The available models are now VXi, LXi, and ZXi. The launch price of this car is obtained at around Rs 5.50 lakh. This suggest that the used model can be obtained in a range between Rs2.10 lakh and 3.7 lakh. This vehicle also considered as the Maruti’s most fuel-efficient car, thus the mileage reached to 25km/lt. Some other useful features to keep in mind are:

Engine capacity   4-cylinder in line with a displacement size of 1198 cc
Maximum Power consumption   81 bhp @ 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque required   113 Nm @ 4400 rpm
Transmission rate   Manual Transmission with 5 gears (1-5)
Kerb Weight of it   840 kg


Maruti Suzuki Swift

The swift desire model of Maruti Suzuki was made in debut about 17 years back. Officially it was launched in the month of May 2005 and truly it stole the heart of people by its style and all over design. It was awarded ‘Indian Car of the Year’ title for three times. Originally it was launched with four different versions and 9 unique colours. This car has some distinct features which enables a people’s attraction, those are – fuel economy rate, spacious cabin for comfortable journey, and above all the sporty looks. The model also consists of 7.0-inch SmartPlay infotainment system, apart from this the auto climate control system and rear defogger are an additive feature. At the back, there is a reverse camera. Some safety features also there like rear parking sensors, anti-lock braking system, ISOFIX child seat mounts, and dobble airbags.

Some other genuine features are:

Engine capacity Advanced K series, 4 cylinder engine with a capacity of 1197 cc
Maximum Power consumption 66 KW @ 6000 rotation per meter
Maximum Torque required 113 Nm @ 4400 rotation per meter
Transmission rate 5 gears Automated Manual Transmission
Kerb Weight required 905 kilogram

Toyota Innova

This car was launched in the year 2005, and since then undoubtedly lead the market in MPV sector. It has lots of special features to discuss. It attained MUV award in the year 2017. Not only that it also picked up Utility Vehicle of the year award which was 16th overdrive awards and Family car of the year award. This car is best for comfortable driving, the performance and get-up is very attractive, and the maintenance cost is low. The model also adds some dependable safety features like the stability control of the vehicle, airbags to seven seats, braking control with ABS and EBD technology. It is 3rd gen model with door-edge lighting facilities, multi-terrain monitoring sensor, air ionizer, head-up display and many more. People can buy this car in satisfactory condition at a rate of 4.5lakh to 9lakh. The second hand loan available for this car is low.

Engine capacity 4 in-line cylinder with an engine displacement size of 2,694 cc
Maximum Power consumption 166 PS at the rate of 5200 rpm
Maximum Output in terms of rpm 245 NM at the rate of 4000 rpm
Transmission rate 5-6 gears automatic and manual transmission
Kerb Weight 1820 kilogram – 1920 kilogram

Honda City

Honda city is another best used can that can be purchased. It exhibits a powerful engine with long life, with impeccable safely outcomes, and the looks is attractive. The model also include some unique featres like analogue instrument cluster, well controlling of cruise, rear AC vents, Android based automatic compatibility and Apple CarPlay. Other helpful safety features are reverse parking camera install, speed alert to the driver, brake control assist, dual front airbags, and some more. The price range would be around 4lakh to 10lakh.

Engine Capacity 4 cylindrical engine with an engine displacement of 1497 cc
Maximum Power consumption 118 bhp at the rate of 6,600 rpm
Maximum Torque required 145 Nm at the rate of 4,600 rpm
Transmission rate 5 SMT
Kerb Weight needed 1063 kilogram


Hyundai Verna

This model is also a classic one in the second hand market of automobiles. Many of its genuine features make the model attractive like its futuristic design, high technology install outcomes, comfortable driving memory, high mileage, emergency stop indication etc. The available rate is 4.5lakh to 8lakh.

Engine capacity 4-cylinder in line with a displacement size of 1497 cc
Maximum Power consumption 113 bhp at the rate of 6300 rpm
Maximum Torque required 144 Nm at the rate of 4500 rpm
Transmission rate Manual override, automatic CVT gears
Boot space capacity 480 litres


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