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Best Designer Belts for Men


Apart from providing the finest attires, Rici Melion, the designer label offers the finest accessories as well that include leather belts for men that are designer belts, perfect to stand out and make a difference in a pure leather belt designed exclusive keeping in mind the preferences of the audience.

A belt is generally defined as an adjustable strap that can be easily worn around the waist and is usually made of leather or heavy duty fabric. The use of men’s designer belts is to generally secure clothing with the help of belt loop that are placed on articles like the trousers or any other piece of clothing.

However, choosing the right leather belt for men for your waist may not be as simple and straight forward as it seems and you can’t just have one belt that you practically wear with everything. Choosing the right belt involves good taste as well and a well-chosen belt can essentially make or break your entire look and can help in completing the overall look of the outfit.

For instance, when tucking in t-shirts and shirts, especially in summer, the belt can serve as a center of attraction for the entire look and then it has to be impactful as well. With the right belt, you can raise the level of even a mediocre outfit to that of par excellence. And with a Rici Melion, premium black leather belt that are the best belts for men, that can be done effortlessly. Rici Melion also offers men’s belts for jeans.

All about Leather Belts for Men

A bad quality and mismatched men’s dress belts will make it the center piece of attraction but for all the wrong reasons and you don’t want to do that. For instance, if the formal belts you wear are of the wrong size, it will definitely mess up with your proportions and won’t look visually appealing at all.

Get decent and elegant western leather belts with not a fun buckle because if we be really honest, that is just not a style statement that you want to make. The fun buckle is more like a crime that is done against menswear so it’s better to stay away from it.

Belts are one of those items of clothing in menswear that no one really wants to spend much on but at Rici Melion, you will get pure leather belts that will last for a very long time and will easily stand the test of time. However, one does not need to have dozens of choices in belts because that will just be a waste.

Just purchase a few staple and basic one that are a classic and don’t go out of style and those can be worn with all kinds of attires as well. This will remove the clutter in your closet from rolled up belts that you don’t even wear. Shop the designer belt sale and leather belts for sale at Rici Melion and find exquisite quality men’s leather belts for jeans and also original leather belt that are just the best men’s dress belts.

This is one common fashion rule that you should know, your accessories need to match, always remember that. When you are choosing men’s fashion belts to wear, match the color of the chosen belt to the shoes that you know you tend to wear a lot and to top it, also make sure that the finish of your chosen best men’s dress belts is same or similar to the one on the shoes that match with it.

This way the whole attire looks planned out and radiates effortless style to all those around.  No single belt will suit every occasion, so consider what kind of clothes make up your sartorial arsenal before buying. A formal belt works for those who spend their days suited up, while woven or casual styles will, literally, hold up more relaxed looks.

Best Leather Belts for Men

However, when purchasing a belt for fat guys, just make sure that the tip of the belt is able to extent easily past the first belt loop for an ideal fit and should also end in the middle of the distance between the next belt loops.

Rici Melion stylists will help you choose the right fit belt for you or you can buy belt online and also check leather belt price from Rici Melion and if you are lucky you will be able to find designer belts for sale or men’s leather belts sale.

Luxury brand belts are an essential part of a men’s wardrobe as they are worn for both, style and functionality. They may look like a small accessory but the impact that they have is large enough to make or break your entire look. The premium belts at Rici Melion are a piece that pulls an entire outfit together.

Find best men’s belts for jeans, casual leather belt and formal leather belt at Rici Melion providing top brand belts. Any color including black leather belt is also available and all kinds of best belts for men also. The leather that is used for belts at Rici Melion comes in a few variations that include full-grain leather which is the best looking and calfskin leather that is the softest.

The highest quality belts are manufactured at Rici Melion. A quality belt can last for years if not decades, so it’s worth investing in our top-notch belts that looks good and wears well.


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