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Benefits of Ergonomic Lifting Equipment


Ergonomics can best be described as an area of science which seeks to understand the relations between humans and components of a system such as equipment or machinery. From a historical perspective, manual material handling was largely carried out without any help from positioning or lifting equipment. With new data emerging, it has been observed that ergonomics largely constitutes a science which is then employed to optimize the well – being and safety of the people who are using the system by modifying the design of the equipment to avert possible injuries to the people who may use it. Given the manual nature of the material handling, it becomes imperative that the objective and by extension, the design of that material handling equipment has become a focal point in enhancing how humans can utilise the equipment while also alleviating the possibility of injuries or repetitive motions. The various shifts and developments in ergonomics has lent itself towards eliminating inconsistencies related to productivity, level of quality and manpower performance. Ergonomics is adopted in the workplace is because it reduces the risk of illnesses and injuries while also setting the tone for greater worker productivity. But more importantly, it ensures better quality of life.

Certain examples of industrial ergonomic equipment can be seen in form of electric hydraulic positioners and electric lifting columns. Such tools in ergonomics provide aid in lifting and positioning materials and even that of equipment so that the employees wouldn’t have to lift up any heavy items manually. These tools in question, also feature designs that enables smooth control along with a plethora of different movements which will minimize the sheer amount of motion related strain encountered by operators during the course of their shift.  

Ergonomic lifting equipment alleviates the possibility of injuries

There are times when injuries are sustained on an account of overexertion of pushing and pulling, carrying, lifting or turning of heavy objects. Meanwhile, much of these injuries come about because of repetitive motion that includes repetitive placing, moving and grasping of objects from one place to another. A key factor to remember in the domain of ergonomics is that heavy lifting coupled with forceful movements and awkward bending and twisting in various different positions will could very well lead to musculoskeletal disorders. (MSD)

The direct cost of the injuries sustained in the workplace often culminate in case management, workers comp premiums, as well as bearing the cost of medicine, surgery and rehab. Additionally, the indirect costs that the business has to endure are that of damages to equipment/materials/physical property, expensive attorney fees, OSHA penalties, overtime pay, along with the managerial costs of inspections, investigations administration and meetings that come about because of the accidents.

Ergonomic lifting equipment strengthens productivity             

Efficiency in the workplace could be amplified if there is a strong ergonomic equipment. In this manner, it will ensure the safety of the employees, speed up the production process as well as save the company’s money and time. Any injury that is sustained in the workplace will mean that there will be a negative impact on the overall productivity and efficiency, downtime in the production process, reduced output, the time spent in replacing and then training a new employee, the subsequent delay in shipments, filling orders and the immense loss of services and production.


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