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Beautiful Places To Visit In Tasmania In 2022


Tasmania, Australia’s smallest state, is noted for its World Heritage-listed wilderness areas, ancient cities, rough coastline, pristine beaches, trekking, magnificent mountains, tasty food, and fascinating animals. 

Tasmania, or “Tassie,” appears cloaked in mystique to those who haven’t visited Australia’s smallest state. Perhaps it’s because of the state’s remote position, 300 kilometers south of Australia’s mainland across the choppy Bass Strait. It might be the wide swaths of windswept wilderness. Is it the haunting convict past and immaculately preserved heritage towns that seem to have stood still in time? This mystery is luring an increasing number of travelers who are discovering the island’s various gems. 

Whether you’re traveling with your significant other or with family and friends, a vacation in Tasmania ensures that you have the time of your life. However, this tranquil location is home to various activities that will make your holiday great. So, are you planning to visit this astounding city? Without any doubt, book virgin australia reservations in any class and save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. Here are the most popular spots to visit in Tasmania in 2022!


Richmond is a tiny village located about 25 kilometers from Hobart. The historic places can be explored for several hours. You can also take a stroll down the river and stop at the Richmond Arms Hotel for a bite to eat, or go to a well-known bakery. The oldest bridge in Australia, completed in 1825, may be found in this town. St. John’s, Tasmania’s oldest Roman Catholic Church, is another draw to this location. Don’t forget to visit the Richmond Gaol and take a stroll around town to see the many heritage-listed structures. 

Brickendon Estate

This estate is a historic penal colony located near Launceston. The distinctiveness of this World Heritage Site resides in the fact that it is still a working farm and living land with a rich history of Australian convicts and settlers working together, and as a landscape, it has remained undamaged for over 200 years. Outhouses, shearing sheds, smokehouses, and ovens are still available for exploration. 

Gordon River 

The entrance to the vast South West Wilderness was once Strahan’s logging port. It is one of the world’s truly pristine locations, covering one-third of the state’s land area and a densely packed terrain of mountains, untamed rivers, and deep rainforest that has carved its way through spectacular gorges. You can take a boat from Strahan into the huge Macquarie Harbor and then into the Gordon River to get a sense of raw nature. 

Mount Field National Park 

Mount Field is one of Australia’s oldest national parks, located around 80 kilometers from Hobart. Beautiful rainforests, tall swamp gums, alpine moorland, and spectacular waterfalls can all be found here. Beautiful walking pathways wind their way through the park, which is often blanketed in snow until summer in the high moorlands. Even wheelchair users can enjoy the short Russell Falls Nature Walk to these triple-tiered waterfalls. Hiking surrounding Lake Dobson is also possible, with more difficult paths available for experienced bushwalkers.

Climb The Nut 

The Nut, a 143-meter-high volcanic plug on Tasmania’s northwest coast, looms over the charming heritage town of Stanley. With its steep, rounded edges and flat top, it reminded Matthew Flinders of a Christmas cake when he saw it in 1798. You can either climb the 15-minute hard path to the Pinnacle or ride a chairlift for spectacular photo opportunities. 


This Georgian village contains immaculate heritage structures, making it a popular tourist destination that is easily accessible from Launceston. Clarendon House, located just outside of the hamlet, is regarded as one of Australia’s best Georgian mansions. You may get a cake and coffee at the Ingleside Licensed Bakery Cafe, which is located in the ancient Council chambers. During the winter, you may sit inside by the warm fire, and during the summer, you can sit in the courtyard and admire the lovely flowers.

Maria Island

Maria Island stands out in a land of wilderness retreats. This pristine, car-free island off the east coast of Tasmania is a nature lovers paradise. The island’s Painted Cliffs are one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions. The Painted Cliffs, etched with russet-hued swirls of silt, are a favorite subject for photographers. Rugged mountains, wild, windswept beaches, fossil-flecked limestone cliffs, and deep forests are all available for exploration. 

Freycinet National Park 

Hiking the park’s many gorgeous paths is the greatest way to see everything it has to offer. Wineglass Bay, one of Australia’s best beaches, is the star of this lovely peninsula, with its exquisite curve of powder-white sand and azure sea. Hike the Wineglass Bay Circuit, one of Australia’s best hikes, through pristine wilderness to quiet bays and lookouts. Keep an eye out for some of the park’s various birds along the journey. 


National parks and World Heritage Areas cover about half of Tasmania’s landmass with glittering alpine lakes, wild rivers, and mist-cloaked summits. Perhaps it’s the strange wildlife, which includes real-life Tasmanian devils and the Tasmanian tiger, an extinct thylacine. So, plan a trip to Australia with AirlinesMap and get an itinerary designed exclusively according to your preferences.

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