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Aries Birthstone in Marvelous Colors


Aries birthstone can own those individuals that have births in the dates from 20 March to 21 April. These are lucky individuals as their stone is diamond with symbol RAM, element Fire and ruling planet Mars.

The very precious diamond is an allotrope of carbon, changes with very slow pace into graphite another allotrope of diamond but graphite stability level is higher than diamond. Diamond possesses magnificent physical traits due the covalent bonding between the atoms.  Above all Aries birthstone has superlative place in the industry being a hardest stone can be used for cutting and polishing purposes.

Diamond formation is in depth of 190 km in the earth mantle at high temperature and pressure but they are discovered on the surface of earth because of volcanic eruption.

According to the standards of chemistry, a pure diamond is colorless or transparent without any hue. But in actual practice there is no diamond in jewel size having no impurity. The diamond color variations are due to the structural defects and level of impurities discovered in it.

The value of Aries birthstone is because of 4 C’s, out of these characteristic one is color. According to international standard color grading commences from D and ends at Z. The jewel with grade D is white or transparent with highest market value. The gemstone at this grade is without any hue. As impurity level increases in the diamond, its color is also changed. For example, Aries birthstone at grade Z has yellow hues with less market value.

The occurrence of diamond at various locations beneath the earth with infiltration of impurities duration the chemical reactions gives birth to it in multiple colors. The Aries birthstones occur in the nature in a set of colors, olive, green, blue, white, red, pink, purple, and white colors. Out of these colors, white, pink and blue have high price value in the market whereas others are comparatively less expansive.

Mainly nitrogen impurities cause color variations in the diamond. Some colors of Aries birthstone with their brief description are below:

  • Brown color is less attractive and not too much used for adornment because high level of impurities in it but its use is well defined in the industry.
  • Orange color of Aries Birthstone is because of nitrogen clusters found in it. You can see varied hues of brown and yellow color in orange shades of diamond.
  • Volcanic eruption throws the diamond near the surface of the earth and radiations present on the surface of the create green hues in the diamond. The natural phenomenon happens in which radiations are forced to penetrate into the stone to absorb the red and yellow area of spectrum to create green hues.
  • During the chemical changes in the very parts of the earth a bond is developed between the boron and carbon element that create blue hues in the Aries Birthstone. The glorious diamond in the yesteryears is Hope Diamond that had weight forty five carats.
  • Chemical reactions that take place at high temperature disfigure the cubic structure of the Aries Birthstone. This natural phenomenon gives birth to pink diamond. It’s a fancy gemstone with high cost in market.
  • Red and pink diamonds have similar formation process but red jewel is found rare in the market.
  • The people with less experience and knowledge, mix green and olive diamond. If they are placed near the high temperature bodies, they change their colors.
  • Black diamonds have graphite in their formation. These gemstones reflect light from their surface. For adornment this stones is used in combination with white Aries birthstone.
  • The most glittering diamond having D grade is colorless or white diamond. About no impurity is found in this diamond. A very expensive and ideal diamond.



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