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How Is Large-Format Additive Manufacturing Moving to Serial Production?

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, creating an object by layering materials, is among the best methods for mass manufacturing. The earlier process was only limited to prototyping. But, with the latest technology, 3d printing is becoming an accelerator for large-scale production.

Using large-scale industrial 3D printing, companies can make complex geometry. These designs are difficult to make using traditional processes. Be it automotive, aerospace or consumer goods, it opens new prospects to customise products.

With the support of Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM), companies can optimise their production easily. Earlier, it was costly for manufacturers to use 3d printing at scale. But, as it is becoming more mature and capable, the overall cost has decreased.

What Is Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing?

The term large-scale additive manufacturing defines the 3D printing technology capable of producing parts large in size. This process can create complex geometry objects in just one build operation. It is the opposite of traditional methods requiring assembling and fixturing.

This concept originated from rapid prototyping. But currently, it has evolved into a new arena that enables the production of both simple and complex shapes. The key factor driving this trend is consumer demand for customised products. Companies can print large dimension products using technologies like Additive Engineering Solutions (AES) and BAAM.

Many industries are using large-scale additive manufacturing to address various problems. For example, the automotive domain uses this to create low volume components for prototyping and production.

For example, electric carmakers use 3D printing technologies to mass-produce parts at high volumes efficiently. As a result, companies are now producing thousands of big-size parts in one go.

How 3D Printing Services Empower Large-Scale Serial Production?

With the enormous benefits of large-format additive manufacturing, industry players effectively use this technology in high volume production. For example, engineers use this technology to create tooling, fixtures, jigs, and other production aids.

In addition, large-format additive manufacturing has taken the aerospace industry by storm with its cost-saving benefits. Manufacturers use it to build metal components for aeroplane parts that can withstand high temperatures.

Large-scale 3d printing is also gaining momentum in various industries—from construction to consumer goods. For instance, a company is now producing sustainable building materials with the support of this method. Companies are producing several large-format production parts like wings and engine components.

Recent Innovations of Large-Scale 3d Printing Solutions

Recently, an aerospace company used additive manufacturing technology for the serial production of fully-functional flight simulator housing. Before 3d printing, engineers had to design and produce thousands of parts and then assemble them. This process is both time-consuming and expensive for companies. But today, companies can print large parts in one go, saving time and operational cost.

Using CAD and other advanced designing software, engineers can detect design flaws at a very early stage. As a result, it helps engineers deliver a highly efficient and robust product without more iterations.

In addition, a company used the Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) technology to 3d print a working car. The advanced printer created large-size parts of size up to 6 x 2.4 x 2 m.

Moreover, the company used PC, ABS, and PPS materials for the 3D printed components.

These are only a few examples of industrial-grade additive manufacturing. With the growing demand for the same, several companies now offer advanced 3d print in Melbourne and other places.

The Trend of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM)

LSAM technology is transforming the conventional manufacturing process. It is the best option for manufacturing big-size components that cannot be manufactured using other traditional processes. It also helps in mass customisation, producing one or more parts simultaneously that improves speed.

With the help of LSAM, engineers can implement a hybrid manufacturing process. In this type of printer, engineers can use both additive and subtractive processes. This combination enables companies to produce large parts with better efficiency and functionality. For example, these advanced machines can print 10 x 40 ft parts. In addition, companies can easily 3d print at a higher temperature up to 450°C. This temperature is ideal for materials like composite thermoplastics.

Industries Using Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

Several mainstream industries use BAAM, AES, and LSAM advancements to streamline their complex processes. Some of the key sectors are:


Manufacturers in the aerospace industry use large-scale additive manufacturing to produce aeroplane parts. Such components can withstand high temperature, heavy pressure and harsh conditions in aero engines.


Large-sized 3d printing is helping in building sustainable homes. It also saves time and money by creating pre-designed structures. This new technology is also helping in creating large-sized building components. These parts offer increased efficiency and accuracy.

Industrial Manufacturing:

The advantages of 3d printing are not limited to prototyping anymore. With the help of it, companies can manufacture high strength parts. In addition, large scale additive manufacturing is helping in mass customisation, critical to customer needs.


Car manufacturers are using composites for producing larger car components. In addition, it is helping in making prototypes, tooling and functional parts of cars.

Wrapping Up!

Large-format additive manufacturing helps to ease complex processes. With improved process efficiency, large scale manufacturing is moving towards serial production. With growing popularity, several Perth 3d print service hubs in other cities offer professional 3d printing services.


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