A photo booth provides the entertainment factor for every wedding events or other event. But before you confirm the booking, there are a few things you need to know to make sure you get the best in the business!|

  1. Quality of prints: Unfortunately, a lot of photo booth companies are not experienced photographers, and they don’t understand how the photography aspect of the photo booth functions. This can lead to bad lighting and blurred images. Make sure your picture prints are sharp and well lit. You can still ask the company for samples of the photos to see exactly what the final prints would look like.

  2. About the camera used in the photo booth: Photo booths are designed to use different cameras, but make sure they’re nothing more than a DSLR. Popular camera brands like Nikon and Canon offer the best print quality and photography experience. Our Right Choice Entertainment photo booths offer portrait studio-quality photos. The best thing you want to do is give your guests pixelated pictures of your celebration.

  3. Using Props: Props have a way to make the photo booth experience a lot more fun. Props can be anything from exciting backgrounds to costumes and high-tech visuals. They’ve got a way to enhance the photo booth experience, making it quirky and exciting. Check with a photo rental company if they can provide some exciting tips that your guests will love. Ensure that the props are suitable for the type of event and the guests using the photo booth.

  4. Waiting time: Photo booths with the most up-to-date technology can print high-quality photos in less than 15 seconds. A lot is going to happen at the event, and your guests probably won’t have enough patience to spend their time waiting for the photos to come out. The length of time it takes for the photos to come out will depend on the type of printer used.

  5. Read reviews: It goes without saying that choosing a photo booth company with a top reputation is the key! Going with a company that’s backed up by rave reviews will assure you that you’re getting the best out of business. So, check out what the online customers had to say.

  6. Who is hosting: What’s the point in getting a photo booth if you can’t see all the pictures in the morning after that?! Think of the fun you will have by scrolling through the good, the poor, and the ugly. It’s certainly necessary to check out the company’s online photo viewing policy.

  7. Cost: Cost. Cost. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better than that. We’ve all been through it-we’ve bought that cheap deal, and we’ve been excited about it until we’ve found the quality to be subpar—sometimes more expensive means investing in the best way possible. You’re going to get the exact quality what you pay for after all!

  8. Ask about digital sharing: Many of today’s photo booth rentals have both print and digital sharing options. While many people may want to download a soft copy of their picture and take it home, others want to post it on their social media right away. The photo booth should also offer this choice. If people can share their social media accounts, it’s a nice way to keep the conversation moving outside the case. This is particularly relevant for corporate events where you’re looking for free PR from your guests.

So if you’re looking for a luxury photo booth rental in Atlanta, which not only looks amazing but also enhances your wedding event, corporate event, or more events, you can find out more about PopNPixels here.


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