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8 Clever Ways to Improve Staff Productivity in the Workplace

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Whether you lead a team of 10 or 100, you know that workplace efficiency can be a struggle.

From unproductive meetings to useless emails, it can be hard to ensure your team is working on the right projects, communicating as needed, and making the most of the workday. Fortunately, a few changes and tweaks to your normal processes can help you get ahead. Here are eight tips on how to increase staff productivity.

1. Create the Right Atmosphere

Many business leaders overlook the fact that company culture has an enormous influence on a company’s growth, productivity, creativity, and more. If you’re trying to improve staff productivity, there’s no better place to start. Create a workplace where employees feel their ideas matter, where they can get involved and take ownership, and where they know their work friends have their backs.

2. Invest in the Right Training

Here’s one of the best staff productivity tips: there should never be an end to training. The companies with productive employees are the ones who value learning and knowledge. Offer training opportunities, and encourage your employees to seek out the information and education they need to be confident in their work.

3. Give Your People the Right Tools

There’s nothing that slows productivity like the wrong equipment—or outdated or dysfunctional tools. If your employees work with equipment on a regular basis, invest in the top products you can afford for a more productive team.

4. Stay on Top of New Technology

Every day, new technology and state-of-the-art software make things easier and faster for workers. However, this only applies to your team if you’re on top of the latest updates! Be sure to offer the online staff productivity tools that make a difference, from updated CRMs to five powerful things you can do with PowerApps.

5. Recognize Good Work

It’s important to value employees as equals, but it’s just as important to single out employees for their good work. Make sure your team knows that you value their efforts! This can even be something simple like a shout-out at a company meeting or a gift card of their choosing.

6. Celebrate Team Victories

In addition to singling out individual employees, it’s also important to acknowledge the work of the team as a whole. Celebrating even small wins can motivate your team and encourage repeat work, making them move faster and perform better in the future.

7. Create a Culture of Prioritization

The most productive workers know exactly which project they should be working on first, and which ones can be left for later. Take time to develop the skill of prioritization in each of your employees, coaching them on identifying important tasks that move the needle for your business.

8. Track Employees’ Time

This can be controversial in some businesses, but it makes financial sense. To measure productivity, you need to know where your employees’ time goes. By identifying the tasks that take the most time, you can work to find better processes that make workers more productive for those tasks.

Encourage Better Staff Productivity

Most workplaces struggle with staff productivity on some level, but it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming battle. Setting a workplace goal of better overall productivity, in addition to these habits, can make your team more productive over time.

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