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7 Effective Ways to Use Short Video for Social Marketing


Today’s audience relies greatly on visuals to make an informed decision regarding brands. Short videos are, perhaps, the most effective tool in getting one’s message across effectively and generating leads and sales!

Any video that is less than 10 minutes constitutes a short video. Social media revolves around quick content consumption and shorter attention spans. Therefore, a quick and informative video that’s visually appealing can register quite the impact. If your customers are subscribers of good internet deals like Spectrum deals then they watch your video without a pause! This can aid in delivering your content smoothly, providing you more visibility and market dominance! Continue reading below to find out what type of short videos can benefit your business!


Tutorial videos aid greatly in making things easier for one’s client. Make tutorials to help your customers understand how your product works. You don’t have to be very creative about the video either. Be precise and comprehensive. Deliver the value with to-the-point instructions to enable your customers to reap maximum benefits by using your product properly. If you’re a service provider, it works pretty much the same way. Explain the value and “how-to” to ensure that clients understand your offerings and how your product works! Normally, such videos aren’t too long. They range from just 30-second videos to 2-minutes ones. Figure out what works best for you and go for it!


Every company has something that constitutes its competitive edge. Maybe it’s a special offering or a product feature. What is it? Well, figure it out and make a short video about it. For example, if you’re a company that offers a complete suite of digital marketing services then flaunt this fact! Make a video and tell how your company can aid them in anything “digital”! This video will allow prospective clients to get impressed with your specialty and approach you to do business with you!


Teasers are great videos to leave your customers in awe of what is to come. Such social media videos aid in taking user anticipation and excitement to the next level. Take the example of releases from Apple. Teasers precede all of them and create hype in the market. The end result is that people are thinking about the product even before the launch. Once the product is out, they’re all up for grabs!

Behind the Scenes

People want to know what goes on behind the screens. They want to know what the team behind their favorite fashion brand does. A good behind the scenes video from your side on social media will greatly pique their interest in your company. Note that such videos greatly assist in personalizing with one’s customers. This leads to an increase in brand loyalty and customer retention. Today’s time and age is all about personalization and user experience. “Behind the Scene” videos enable companies to just do that! Customers feel more relevant to the brand and this boosts sales and increases ROI to say the least!


It is important to address any questions, concerns, or queries that your clients may have. A very good approach is to list them all down after brainstorming. Then, make short videos that carry one unique question to get the attention of your clients. They would love to see a good video that gives them a solution to a problem that they may encounter! Make sure to create videos related to “Frequently Asked Questions” to make the lives of your clients easier!


There are many products out there that people can use to do more than just what they were designed for. Maybe your product comes with the same capability. Does it? Well, if it does then there’s no point in keeping the knowledge to yourself. Make a video and let your customers know that they can do much more with the product! Show the cool features off like a pro!

Employee Spotlights

Short videos depicting your employees in the spotlight will go a long way in establishing your company as a friendly one. Make sure to give your team the exposure that they deserve.

Utilize the above video types to get the maximum out of your social media presence. Note that a good wifi plan can enable you to use the internet anywhere to conduct social media marketing activities. ISPs provide packages similar to Spectrum wifi plans. Use them to get better video uploading speeds amidst other benefits. Best of luck with your social media activities!


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