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7 best android apps you should have on your phone

Best Android Apps

We’re always looking for applications that are guaranteed to help you maximize your Android device and put a smile on your face. Today, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorites.

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Mindly (mind mapping)

The app’s name is Mindy and it will help you do what you want by making the rest of your activities or ideas easy to manage. You have a handy visualization of the tasks that you are going to be working on, so select one of these bubbles. This is how you create a video for your phone, the best app for your phone as you’re able to find all the other apps here.

You can add pictures or links and it does make it easier to stay on top of things. You like this anytime that you want to plan something out and need to see how it’ll look with some notes with some links, which are very nice ways to visualize objects depending on what you need. It’s definitely going to motivate you and keep everything looking really cool when you get in on planning your work in this handy diagram.


This is a note-taking app that has some really cool features, like the Apex sleeve. When you take a note and save it on this app, you get a code that you can share with anyone you want. And only the person with this app and the right code will be able to access the saved notes. You can see what’s going on with your notes from anywhere so if you find yourself in a remote position sharing ideas or working on something else, then this app is perfect for you.

With this Notes app, all you need to do is open it up and type in whatever you want to. When you’re done with that, just Trace the text with your finger and when they open the app, what they’ll see is a live update on their phone of your note. It’s great if you’re looking for an app to take notes and share them with others- finally an application that meets that need.


This is purely a graphic designer application, it even looks just like Photoshop. It has all of the functions that Photoshop offers and it’s right on the mobile device, so you can do everything you would ever want to do with Photoshop. If you know how to use Photoshop, then using this program should be no problem. You can save files and create digital ads with ease. You can visit more photo edit apps review on Cell Phone Time in a simple way. This app is perfect for people who are always looking for something that feels like Photoshop but can only find apps that look nothing like it.

Screeny – Screenshot Manager

Screenshot Manager makes it very easy to find your screenshots on your device. With a couple of simple steps, your screenshots will be divided into many different categories based on the content within each one. You’ll also be able to search for a specific screenshot with text-based content by clicking “set” and typing in whatever you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a tool to help you manage your screenshots more easily, I recommend giving Screenshot Manager some consideration.

Computer launcher

Big screen or small screen, you probably want your phone to look like a computer. That’s why we have the stats menu that’s laid out just like it would be on a Windows PC. The quick-access buttons make it easy to change Wi-Fi and time, so we’ll always be able to stay connected and get things done. Some people find it exciting to play around with a Windows-theme launcher because it looks like an actual computer with all the right buttons. This is something you might want to check out because it looks like a PC and you may find that interesting.

Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot

You might definitely know this because of the latest iPhone release. If you’re using an Android device, there’s a dynamic spot for you that mimics Dynamic Island by providing you with a customized version of the experience. The app works for most cameras and can be set up on either side of your phone. This is the dynamic sport application that lets you imitate Dynamic Island on your Android device. This time around, it’s interactive as well. Lately, some great apps have been released that are engaging, though this one can be found in the Play Store.

If you open up the music application and once you close it, you can see a widget at the top. If you long press that widget, you’ll find out what’s currently playing on your device. You will also receive notifications about the phone charging or connecting to Bluetooth. You can get these nice pop-ups at the top of your screen by accessing notifications from social media and clicking on them. Long-pressing an individual notification provides more details about it and displays a preview of that notification. This is a really nice way of implementing a dynamic interface on an Android device.

Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget

This is a wallpaper pack that has wallpapers. You’ll get a lot of nice, beautiful wallpapers in a really simple interface. You’ll also like how strict interfaces are. We have waves premium which is an Apple stock abstract, as well as AMOLED wallpapers for your device if you open it up. This is a great wallpaper pack with a lot of different categories to choose from, and it will look amazing the minute you download it

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