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5 Ways To Protect Your Family’s Online Privacy


Your family’s privacy is no longer limited to what happens within your home. Today, private facts and sensitive personal information can be found on many websites that profit from publishing negative or salacious information. 

Even a nasty break-up with a former love interest can land innocent people on revenge porn and cheater websites. Continue reading to learn 5 ways you can remove online information about me or a family member.

1. Removal From Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites include those that allow online forums to post information that is typically helpful to the members of that group. But, in the case of some websites like CheaterLand.com, it can be a place for liars and cheaters to get revenge on others whom they feel have “done them wrong.”

It takes time and a lot of knowledge about how these businesses operate if you need bad information removed from a third-party website. Often, it is best to contact a service provider that specializes in working with these shady businesses for successful CheaterLand removal.

2. Contact Google to Remove Incorrect Info

You can get Google to open an investigation to get content removed from Google’s services, including Google Search and Google Photos. If it is a business, Google will only let you change certain information like the business name, address, and phone number. But, Google will not take down bad reviews or any other bad content that is published in order to protect free speech.

If your personal reputation is being maligned and negative content shows up within a Google search, you may need to work with a reputation management company to bury the bad press.

3.  Contact a Reputation Management Company 

Protecting your family’s online privacy can be a full-time job. Especially for people that have a public presence, like influencers. But everyone should be concerned about their online privacy and what people online see when it comes to your children or grandchildren.

Unfavorable Instagram pictures, controversial statements posted on Facebook, or children oversharing personal family data can all lead to cyber trouble. Contact an individual reputation management company to monitor your personal info and track your internet presence to prevent a small problem from blossoming into an online fiasco.

4. Remove Info from People Search Websites

In the good old days, an unpublished phone number was just about all it took to maintain privacy. But today, with telephone number reverse lookup, online real estate property databases, and websites like people search – all you need is one or two pieces of identifying information to invade a person’s privacy.

These types of massive and public databases will often contain incorrect data and personal information, getting your family off these search engines is a good idea. To do this, you will likely need an internet reputation service provider that removes personal information and can delete exposed personal data.

5. Suppress Negative Press with Good Press

If your family is the victim of trolls that have posted inflammatory messages or negative opinions online, It is possible to bury that information deep within the search results. This can be done with positive reputation content like articles, press releases, and offering up good replies and information like achievements, awards, and charities that you support.

Not only is it important to protect your family’s privacy, but to also fight against negative online information.


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