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3 Innovative Vending Machines: Making Eating Healthy Easy

3 Innovative Vending Machines;:Making Eating Healthy Easy

A recent survey shows that 22% of American workers obtained snacks or a meal at work at least once during a one-week period. 

While that might not sound like a lot, oftentimes, the food options at work promote convenience over health. The same research shows that these adults consume 1,300 calories just from food at work. 

How many calories are you consuming every time you visit the workplace vending machines?

Keep reading to learn about the healthy options that three different vending machine companies offer. 

1. H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending

When it comes to innovative vending machines, H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending tops the list.

Since the companies creation in 2008, there are now 1,200 of these vending machines across the United States. Specifically, these vending machines are most commonly found in hospitals, YMCAs, schools, and various workplaces.

The snacks and drinks stocked in these machines have minimal artificial additives. Instead, you’ll find food options that are high in fiber, vitamin count, and protein. You’ll also find low-sugar, organic, and gluten-free options. 

As the company continues to grow, you may find more variations of H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending machines, including an organic fair-trade coffee vending machine. 

2. HealthyYOU Vending

Another great option for healthy eating on the go is HealthyYOU Vending.

Odds are you’ve seen one of these machines around because the business has sold around 100,000 machines. They’re the United State’s largest retailer of healthy vending machines. 

But instead of just focusing on snack vending machines, they offer several variations. You can find healthy snacks, healthy drinks, and healthy entree machines. If a location has all three options, you’ll never go healthy again. 

What makes these machines so great is that there are over 2,500 healthy product offerings. Every time you visit a HealthyYou Vending machine, you can opt to try a new product.

The snack offerings include fruits, granola bars, nutritional bards, and nuts. For healthy drinks, you’ll discover energy drinks, non-dairy smoothies, and non-carbonated juices. If you find an entree machine, they may include noodle dishes, soups, or vegetables. 

3. UpMeals Smart Vending

UpMeals Smart Vending is another popular option in the healthy vending machine business. These machines focus on supplies full meals to workplaces across the United States.

What makes them unique is that a team of professional chefs and nutrients finds out what the locations food preferences include and create a custom menu. From there, food is delivered fresh to the vending machine whenever the machine’s supply runs low. 

The company will even customize their labels and packaging to merge with a company’s branding! 

Leave Unhealthy Vending Machines in the Past 

After reading this article, it’s clear to see that unhealthy vending machines are a thing of the past. 

The next time you visit your workplace breakroom, take a moment to examine the food options before choosing your snack. If you don’t find any healthy options, bring the idea of a healthy vending machine up to your boss. If your workplace commits to providing healthy food options, they’re promoting healthiness and happiness for their employees. 

Wondering how to maintain healthy eating if you’re working from home? Browse the rest of this site to discover how. 



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