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10 ways: how to see what someone likes on Instagram


Ever wonder what someone likes on Instagram? Whether it’s a new type of food they love, or something funny that happened to them on the day you just met. We are here to tell you how! All you have to do is open up the app and start scrolling through their feed, then click on one of their photos. You will be taken to a page with all of their posts in chronological order. Scroll down until you find the post that interests you and clicks on “likes.” This will take you back to your feed so feel free to keep browsing for more things they might like! Usually, people only put content from other social media platforms or buy instant instagram likes.

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1. Look at their comments

Most people automatically color comment bubbles with a neon green/yellow, which causes them to stand out from the white background of Instagram. If you look at their recent comments, it’s usually easy to tell who they follow and who they are interested in from all the hearts they leave behind. Even if not, the people you follow are usually at the top of your Instagram page, which means that if someone leaves a heart on one of their photos it’s probably a good indication that they like them. However, I wouldn’t put a lot of weight into this particular method.

Many people “heart” tons of things without truly liking them and even more don’t bother to color their comment bubbles. Also this method is kind of useless if you find someone who leaves hearts on everyone’s photos because it could just mean that they are generous with their heart giving or they don’t really care. It can also be dangerous- what if the person only follows the person THEY like, not you? Or even worse, what if you only follow the person THEY like, not you?

2. Look at their explore page

This method isn’t one I’d necessarily recommend, but it’s better than nothing. If they have an explore page then that means they probably just let Instagram choose their photos for them so it kind of gives you a window into what they like by putting them on a page with other people’s photos. This method is kind of risky because not only does it mean their whole explore page could be full of more attractive or interesting-looking people, but some people don’t even bother to use the explore feature for some strange reason.

3. Look at the hashtags they use

This is a good indication of what people like to look at. In general, if someone frequents hashtags that are full of selfies then they probably really enjoy looking at themselves in photos and the same could be said for nature. If someone favors #iphoneonly, #food, #travel, etc, then it’s a safe bet that they like looking at photos of those things.

4. Look at their likes

 This is a good way to see what kinds of photos they like and it can be pretty telling, especially if you follow someone who never likes anything you post. If your crush doesn’t like any of the recent photos you’ve posted on instagram then it could be because they don’t like you or just aren’t interested in your pictures. It could also mean that they only like photos of puppies and rainbows, but either way, it’s not the best sign.

5. Look at who they follow

 This can give you some insight into who they are as a person, but it’s not one of the best signs. If they follow people who are known for being unfriendly or especially popular it doesn’t really mean anything other than that they are also unfriendly or popular.

6. Look at who likes their photos

 This is a good way to see what type of person your crush usually hangs out with. If their likes are full of people who look like they party hard than it’s probably safe to say that your crush does, too. However, just because someone is often liked by the wrong crowd doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of having nice things.

7. Look at what they post

This one is good for figuring out what they are interested in, but it’s not the best sign because everyone has different interests. If you see that someone posts a lot of selfies then it probably means that they like taking self-portraits and enjoy looking at photos of themselves. If someone only posts political things then it’s not really an indication of anything besides what kind of politics they stand for.

8. Look at their location

 As long as they put a location on each photo, you can see where they spend most of their time or where they are from. If someone is from a place that’s known for being sunny all the time then it’s probably safe to assume that they like spending a lot of time in the sun. This one is a pretty good sign because you can see if their favorite place to be is somewhere that matches your interests or not.

9. Look at who comments on their photos

This method gives you an idea of what sort of person your crush likes and probably hangs out with the most. If they comment a lot on pictures of the same person than they probably like that person and if they comment on a lot of selfies then they probably enjoy those types of photos. If some people don’t comment on their photos that doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all, especially if there are other indicators such as #selfie or #food .

10. Look at what time they post

This is a good way to see if your freind posts during the day or at night, but it doesn’t tell you too much. If someone tends to post most of their photos at night than they probably enjoy hanging out with friends more than by themselves. They might also just not be up very early most days so they don’t post photos until later. There really isn’t a way to get a good read on what time of day someone posts unless they tend to post the same type of photo at the same time each day, which is somewhat hard to do and easily forgotten.

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